Performance issues - lesson learned!


I have just upgraded from my old Core i5 3570K clocked to 4.2GHz to to the new Core i5 8600K clocked to 4.7GHz. I have Geforece GTX 1070 and 16GB RAM clocked to 3000. Playing at 1920x1080.

The difference in performance is INSANE. Not only the framerate jumped up by 20 FPS on average, but I was able to move all the sliders to ULTRA and maintain about 60 FPS even in heavy combat.

Most notable, everything is far smoother and responsive, and the microstutter on fast driving or running is gone. It’s obvious that the throughput of the old CPU was already grossly insufficient.

I pass it as a practical tip to were the invested bucks make the loudest bang - I doubt that GPU upgrade would bring as decisive improvement as the game is clearly heavily CPU bound.


Second that, upgraded from an old i5-6600k to an i7-7700k and had a blast performance-wise since then. The jump from 4 physical cores to 8 logical cores with HyperThreading or 6 physical cores in your case really makes a huge difference! Now that after the last patch I also can use my 980 TIs in 2-Way-SLI, I can be happy with wonderful FPS in the range of 45-60. Would be even better if I turned off my utterly demanding ReShade which decreases the framerate by about 10, but it looks toooooo good to live without it :rofl:


You can get some graphical glory out of this game with a nvidia 970 as long as the CPU deals with any lag. I use the good old tenacious FX 8350 (seems to have been around for ever) and graphics and performance are great on high settings and above, even using new HD pack.


buddy it must have been pure luck, im on an i9-9900k @4.8 ghz and the game runs like absolute trash, my cpu runs at around 20% but my gpus always at 95%+ , i dont know what to do to fix and im convinced this game is just grossly unoptimized.