Peshek stops letting me betting on myself?

So if i won too much times betting myself to win peshek will stop allowing me to wager. why?

Because he doesn’t want to lose money anymore?

If you keep winning, I think the max number of times he wants to bet is five. The same number as the number of unique armour parts you can win in the tourney.

I think that is when you can say that you completed the quest, although you can still participate in more tourneys.

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But I won more than 5 times and he still let me bet. I had to win 5 consecutive times then he stopped cause i entered the monastery shite quest a day before tournament and even though I rushed through that quest i was still too late. Seriously monastery quest is a torture more deadly than cock n balls torture.

I’m just at the monastary quest now and by God it is tough… not difficult but tough to stick with… are quests after this more interesting?

Short reply yes

Yes. Hang in there