Pestilence - captive bandit always dying

Currently doing my new KCD run. Playing on PC, Steam version. During Pestilence quest for some reason I can’t seem to save the captive bandit - he always dies of plague. After visiting Sassau and talking to Nicodemus I choose option to help with remedy and brew the right potion (thistle, valerian and charcoal). Coming back to Merhojed and once again talking to Nicodemus I distribute the remedy to all villagers, talk to Melichar and have him open the shed, then give the remedy to prisoner. Skip time 6 hours later I get notification that interrogation failed and the prisoner is dead. All other villagers live, Melichar happily congratulates me for saving everyone and Steam “Plague Doctor” achievement pops up. Yes, the achievement pops up even after the prisoner dies. He leaves the note on his body so the Quest can be continued without interrogation, nothing is preventing the playthrough to go on, however I was trying to get speech experience from talking to prisoner so I replayed this quest multiple times choosing different dialogue options - but no matter what I do or say the bandit always ends up dying.
I remember playing a year ago and not having this issue. After learning about known bug with prisoner’s cut-scene I am now wondering if that was an intended change with most recent patches, and the bandit is supposed to always die no matter what. However I’m not finding anything in patch notes regarding this quest.
Anyone else running into the same issue?