Pestilence everyone died (pit behind Merhojed)

So… I made the wrong cure for pestilence and everyone died. Melichar tells me that they threw the dead soldier who i was supposed to question in a pit behind the village, near a stone cross. However the map won’t update. So i’ve been trying to find the pit near a stone cross for some time now… Anyone else make the wrong cure? Can you help me?

Start quest over at a save before the goof?

I would but i took a long time doing the quest and played about 20hrs in between… So I’d rather not :sweat_smile:

I guess I am more stubborn. I have backed up few times at bugs and bad choices at he cost of 15-30 hours

Yeah, I even went back one save game and made the right potion but the end result was still the same. Except now I wasn’t even told about the body. Really frustrating when a main quest is broken.

perhaps you need to go back more than one save.
To the very start of the quest and do the quest in rapid succession and don’t delay the potion and the rest of the quest.
when I got the quest that how I did it ( aside from the straw house bug ( 1.42 fixed) and a failing PSU) and finished it with all souls saved. On PC BTW

It’s not broken.
The Grave is at the following location: x=1747, y=2555
You need a shovel.

I actually found that grave already but the body had nothing to loot.

You have any picture of that? I still haven’t found him in this location