Physics in the game


Hello. I would like to ask you a few questions about game physics. You mentioned, that during a fight weapon will act real. But what about dead bodies? When I make the fatal strike, will oponent fall the same way he would in real world? And for example if the surface wont be flat, will his body slide down? The same question work for the rocks, or logs or droped weapons. Im asking because i love this feature since Max Payne 2, and Half Life 2. And since you want to go for the highest reality possible, this would really help to the real feel.

In one of your trailer we can see a knight fighting against us on the battlefield. And the way he died seemed really strange and scripted.
So thats why I ask.

Thank you very much.


Hope there’s a mix of ragdoll and animated deaths. I don’t like pure ragdoll, at least not like in Bethesda games. Look awful, the way the bodies land. On the other hand, purely animated deaths are not good either, but I haven’t seen those in a game for a long time. I think Left 4 Dead did the death animations well. The infected die, they do a death-animation where they stumble forward or fall realistically. During this death animation, they still react to gun shots. You shoot them as they fall to their knees, they will jerk. Once on the ground, they turn ragdoll. I like how this is done.

The reason it looks weird in the Kingdom Come trailer, in my opinion, is because the animation is so slow. If it’s faster, it probably looks more realistic. Had he turned ragdoll right as the sword hit his face and killed him, his knees would bend and he would sit on his ass most likely. At least that’s how it is in games with pure ragdoll (looking at Bethesda again) - knees bend, fall on their ass, legs spread. Looks dumb.

I also play a lot of Chivalry, they have death animations too like if you shoot an arrow in the throat of a guy, or if you cut off a limb. Even if you cut through people like butter in that game and it’s not really realistic, it still looks cool. It’s awesome to cut off someone’s leg right under the knee, he jumps on one leg, grasps for his stump and you kick him in the chest so that he ragdolls and fly backwards. And the “arrow to the throat” animation is the best one. Really sick gargling noises.

I also hope that there will be animations of wounded people. If you stab a guy in the guts, he’ll fall to the ground, still alive but not in a condition to fight you anymore. He could roll around grasping his wound and scream, he could lie down in foetal position and whimper, or he could slowly crawl away from danger. Of course, if he’s in that condition, he won’t survive, so it’s pretty much a death animation for him. You could go up to him and put him out of his misery. A dagger would probably be the most humane. As opposed to warhammer to the forehead or cutting his head off with an axe.


I agree with Savage ​Beatings here. Do what he just said please developers.


Thats a brutal response :D:D:D

But yeah, its hard to admit it, but the way of dying in a game is so important for my enjoyment of game.


I like the version of Savage​Beatings too.
Full ragdoll can become strange sometimes and full death animation is not realistic (unless there is like a lot of animations to avoid repetition)


Yeah its a cry engine. Ragdoll mechanics are pretty much why this engine was created (among others).


In addition to these death animations and ragdolls one very important aspect is collision between fighters and horses. Running and tackling other fighter would really bring physical feeling to combat, not to mention getting hit by a huge warhorse.


I am hoping that they will use both physics and animation with blending them.

So that the physics causes bodies to fall/interact with the environment but also animation blending so they still move how they should and don’t bend or have no weight.

Many games with physics on bodies just have the person go from “alive” to “dead” and crumple down like their body has no bones or anything, it looks strange.

A lot of times on battlefields people didn’t just outright die, they would lie there mortally wounded and bleed out or something, it wasn’t alwyas instant unless you were one of the unlocky people that got stabbed in the face/head, then it could have indeed been lights out quickly.


I love how deaths were handled in Rage and would love to see a similar system (death animation -> mid-movement transition to very rigid ragdoll). But I cannot speak for the team in this regard right now.


Oh yeah! Rage! Forgot about that, Rage has a very cool death system (and similar to what I mentioned)

Persuade your team to do something like that, it’s awesome in Rage!


Yes yes and yes, I had never played raged so I had to look it up. but this is awesome. I’m almost a year late to the conversation but you know that’s just how I roll.

Prime example of this mechanic is in the below video at 15:20.


nice game, already is nothing appealing Entertainment :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Anyone know if the rag doll and death animations will be improved on from what they currently are in Beta? I don’t think people should just instantly drop and fold over like they currently do.


Yes, there are death animations now, so the NPC will play the animation and then goes to ragdoll, making it more smooth and better looking transition.