Pilgrim Trophy "BUGGED"



I just found all conciliation crosses and way shrines with the help of a guide (map). After checking 3 times if I have every location discovered, I was confused why the trophy didn’t pop. So I found out that you need to have 90 art objects do get it (or something like that), which perplexed me, because my art object counter was on 11, before and after I got everything.

Sorry, but somehow this game is still a mess. I don’t even know how you could F up a simple counter. Fix this please.

Thanks and bye!


I got this achievement even though I believe I didn’t discover all, only after end game I discovered some more at the roads I didn’t pass before.


Did you ‘read’ the crosses and shrines, not just wander near to them?

You have to ‘contemplate’ the art as Henry, not just use it as waymarkers.


I read all the stuff I discovered but I didn’t have discovered all when I got Pilgrim.


I didn’t read them no, but I’ll try doing that tonight.
Thanks in advance!


tried the reading and it worked and i didnt even have to find everything

thanks again!


Thanks for supporting my discovery. No one else mentioned it.

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