Plans for the sequal


I love playing this game to bits and I’ve heard plans for a sequel to continue Henry’s story. however i’m curious if there is hopes of allowing a save transfer feature for when this sequel does drop into development. I think it would be a awesome insentive to help players understand that they are finally ready to tackle a bigger and harder world now that they have trained to the point where they are no longer just a simple blacksmith boy who couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn or swing a sword to save his life. That all the hours spent working on good old Henry was not for nothing :slight_smile:

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Have you finished the game? I think they will continue the game with an expansion in about a year or a little less

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not yet i just reached the spoiler about my father and can’t get enough of the amazing world and story , amazing work by the devs. A true proper gaming experience that does not hold your hand. Absolute masterpiece. Haven’t had this much fun since Gothic 1 and 2 :grinning:


Yep loved that twist! Didn’t see it coming tbh. I agree I loved the game, very few disapointments, it turned out to be better than I expected in most aspects😄


Join the club I have to admit that did surprise me. Thou I hope it has a large dlc like the witcher or dragon age origins awakenings, that will continue the story. We just have to wait.


Yep we’ll have to wait but I’m optimistic since Vavra said he has a few more tricks up his sleeve


I would like to see a new location likeTuscany or Bretony, maybe the black forest.


I’d love to see more of bohemia and maybe keep most if not all of the world we know. It is far to beautiful a world to let it go to waste.