Playing a crusader who fight against moslem invasors?


Why not making such a historical game? There is “Assassin’s Creed” where you play Altair, a moslem killing christian crusaders. So why not playing as Hubertus, a crusader in the 11th century who defend his country against islamic invasors? The setting would be more rough and bloody than the 15th century. More interesting if you ask me.


Yes have him defending southern spain.

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Eh, if you look at the politics behind it, it wouldn’t fly these days. However, I do agree with you nonetheless, but you have to remember the variation of armours and weapons in the 15th Century versus that of the 12-13th Centuries is quite massive and more people know of the Hundred Years War and less of the Crusades.

That and Warhorse is Czech. They weren’t being threatened as much by the Muslim Invasion in the 1100’s as they were by Sigismund in the Hussite Wars, so it’s easier for them to create a game focused on their own history versus that of the entirety of Europe.


Okay, but why there is no other developer making such a game?


Because before making a game you have to make a thorough study of the market to ensure the game will be bought in quantities enough to pay off the development costs. And before conducting such a study you need to invest some money to hire market researchers. The fact that such a game has not been considered means that either such a study had shown that this idea would not pay off or such a study has not been commenced for whatever reason.


Assassin’s Creed is a very successful game. So there is no study needed. And medieval RPGs in general are very popular.


Take a look at the top selling games, and you’ll find very few medieval games. None really. RPGs in general are not that popular, and of the ones that are, they are fantasy. That’s why you don’t see them being made in large numbers. They’re an unknown quantity, and what ever else games are, they are a business.

That’s not to say there aren’t games where you play a crusader. There are many. Most of the ones I’ve seen are more action hack and slash types, but they exist. There are also fan made mods of various games. You’ll find mods far more common because mods are (usually) not a commercial products. They’re passion projects, and while some of the more popular ones do beg for money on Patreon, those are the exception rather than the rule.


Then why there is no such a game like Assassin’s Creed? Which is a top-selling game. I don’t count mini games and fan projects/mods. And playing a crusader who fights against Dragons and Orcs is not what I mean. I mean games where you fight against moslems.


You re-iterate this with some kind of enthusiasm…


Thank you. Time to close.

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