Playing Dice Rigged


Cant help but feel the dice game is rigged or just coded to favor the opponent. I get an amazing hand at the beginning and magically most of the time they get an even better hand or fairly close to my amount of points I have.

Another time the guy gets such a good roll hes able to use all if hie die twice in a row than all but one the third and than all of them again for the t4th and he than ends his turn. Granted I dont have any die except Henry’s Love Die which from the description is pointless to use. Ive tried with out and without though.

Anyone else feel the Dice game gives the opponent an unfair advantage?


There are many “Special Dice” in the Game. Most of them can be fund in treasure chests.
I win almost every Game with them. Here is a Map where you find them all:


Though I appreciate the map and Ill certainly use it, it still doesnt explain my issue. He has one special die which shouldnt give him a huge advantage. I am in Uzhitz btw.


Same, I’ve only dug up one of the Treausre’s and I have 4 loaded Dice and the Agility perk for better Dice throws. Haven’t lost a single game yet.


Going to agree with Saxon (LOL), I also had a few experiences where the AI made impossible rolls and then choices to re-roll, and AI completed their round without ‘bust’, when no sane gambler would ever have risked a 2000+ round for a re-roll of 1 or 2 dice. I lost quite a few times without a chance to touch the dice a second time…


this is flirting with design porn.

it’s obvious when using heavenly die. seems obvious when loaded dice used. why would anyone permit an opponent to play with loaded dice?

not having option of playing clean undermines the experience for me. yeah, i could forage Bohemia to cheat myself. but why?