Playing in a 3 years old PC. Maxwell Titan x and i7 4790K


I just made this fps test to decide if I need to change the computer. Maybe is useful for anyone.
Definitely I need to change all the computer at some point this year.
For now Im playing the game at 1440p with custom settings at 60fps in a 60Hz monitor.


I’m playing this on a 9 year old pc with a i7 860 and GTX960 and Xbox One. Seems no need to change your pc. I’d love to have the performance you have


Snob :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


U should wait to next year 10nm intel cpu and 2nd gen rtx cards from nvidia


You’ll spend over a thousand euro and get so little fps boost.

If you don’t already have an ssd to install the game on. Get one. It is an improvement that can be transferred when you upgrade.


Thanks for the tips guys. Yeah, all system and games are in SSD disks. one for system, two in raid cero for games. Im really not in a big hurry to change the PC. I play VR and I can move all the games, but I guess Ill have to at some point this year or in early 2020. The motherboard and the CPU are really old and a lot of new games are so much CPU dependant. Hopefully some new announcement about the new generation VR headsets will help me to decide ^^ Hopefully by then there will be good RTX video cards for less than 1000$.


Playing on a titan myself with an I7 6700K, but my monitor sucks. It’s actually a shitty 39 inch TV. But my eyesight isn’t 20/20 anymore.


For what I’ve been reading and watching in videos, the Titan is still really good since to see a big difference in FPS you have to go to a 2080/2080Ti. Maybe my biggest problem is the CPU. Been playing a lot the last 2 days. FPS never drops below 50 at 1440 with custom settings. Stay mostly at 60FPS. The 1080ti only gives a little improvment in fps. 2080Ti can move the game at 9o+ FPS 1440p ultra settings with HD pack. So my PC isnt that bad after all. I love this game btw :wink:


Maybe delid and overclock your cpu. You can gain 10 or 20% performance of your cpu and it’s cheap to do.


Yeah, tried that. In fact in the video I had CPU in turbo mode, 4400Mhz instead 4000Mhz. Managed to overclock it to 4800Mhz and maybe I got… 5 more FPS. not so sure. But the heat goes bad. 80 to 90 ºC with a corsair liquid cooling h100i. And then the fans get very noisy.


That’s why you delid it first. To keep the heat down. I think with delid you can get 4.9ghz maybe 5. I got my i7 7700k on 5.1 GHz and I notice a significant difference. Especially with kcd because it’s depending on cpu.


Why do you need to upgrade the computer? Much better than my seven year old system. Turn down some graphics settings


Pc gaming is all about max settings 1080p 60fps or higher reso and fps depending on game. Maxwell titan is not fast anymore.


I was PC gaming in the mid 80s. I think I might know something about it, but thanks for the unsolicited opinion. I realize that younger generations use hyperbole and overstatement as ways to make generic statement but that doesn’t make them true.

“Need” means “want” in this discussion, whether you like it or not.


I started playing PC Games in 90s. Wolfenstein 3d, Dukenulem, Doom, Indiana Jones, Diablo… hehe. Ahhh good days ^^ Now I like to play a lot of different games, but VR changed everything for me. Not that you need the best Gaming computer, but you need to be able to play over 90FPS is all games in VR. My PC is still able to do, but I dont think it will last more than a year. Many new titles will come in 2019-2020 and simulation games uses to be hard to move in VR. If I only played Kingdom Come and similar there wouldnt be any problem. These kind of games are playable even at 30fps.