Please do something about polearms

I think polearms are the most ambitious weapons in the game after swords. they’re long, really great on horses and were used in medieval combat pretty much all the time. Tho combat system is already great in this game and the horse combat too, but halberds and spears really aren’t.
There is a thing that makes them completely useless - you can’t store them (who wants to have his weapon drawn for the entire game).
Then there are some other really bad issues:

  • no skills
  • no selling nor buying
  • no sprinting with them so no charge attacks
  • they should be longer in the combat so you would have the oponent little bit further
  • with polearm drown player should have more “enemy locking space” so it would lock sooner and wouldn’t randomly unlock during the fight
  • and it has rather big damage

For the biggest problem, it’s logical that you can’t carry two heads longer stick than u on the back, but u should be able to store them in a new “container” or simply in a chest, but that doesn’t solve the problem. What does solve the problem is storing it on a horse and that’s even historically accurate.

The 2nd worst problem is there aren’t any perks so there is no reward, combo or just … well special skill. So it would be nice to have something like maces axes and swords have.

The sprinting could be easily solved - just reduce stamina and stamina regen or something similar ( or make stamina loss higher). And something like special charge attack with … would be great too.

There are currently some mods that addres the biggest issue but that’s all (and… Who likes mods?!)

Thank you

Also I would like to mention that “Shield&Spear” added, thus making them two handed and one handed, but with the one handed (and shield) variant the damage and speed would be reduced. I am not sure about the halberds and shield, but I think it should be possible too.

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I really, really hate to make this comparison, but I personally would not have played Skyrim as long as I did without mods. Or even warband for that matter. This is not to say you don’t make some good points. Cheers.

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You can put polearm into your inventory by trick and use any other weapon, but the people still see it equipped on you.

not too far off from 1 yr anniversary. shouldn’t need tricks any more

One year later, they still have plenty bugs to fix, yeah. At least, it’s featured rather than cut out.

Whats the beef with Skyrim players lol.

Mods aren’t that bad in other games. But this game is buggy let alone and it’s risky to install mods. And the majority of people don’t have / don’t want mods, but that’s not a reason they shouldn’t enjoy the “full experience”.
So mods aren’t bad…but people don’t have them.

Mods are not supported yet here.

I don´t think so. Most problems, at this time, are made by MODs, that´s a fakt

Just for the sake of clarity, I have no mods installed and not interested in doing so. Loved this game as is since beta and don’t see that fading any time soon. But eventually, I think, WH will have taken KCD as far as they feel is possible and hopefully they will dump some tools for the many talented modders to pick up and keep this thing alive a few more years… Oh, @hedition, no beef whatsoever with skyrim players. Was one. Hated to make the comparison because it’s been made, seemingly dozens of times,that’s it. No offence meant.

Completely and utterly disagree with some opinions on mods and stability voiced here.

I have 13 mods installed, one is a compilation mod composed of several mods that edit the same file(s).

I have had ONE crash and no bugs that I have noticed in well over 100 hours of game play. So I very much doubt that one crash was caused by mods…

Anyone who wants to mod needs to know how to do so properly, which includes opening the files on some mods and, editing or merging them if you are trying to use another that edits same files, duhhh.

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Yeah you’re right, but not a lot of people want to edit (and the do other things to) mods. So it’s not that bad if it is already in the base game.

Very good idea.

I can’t wait to be allowed to store polearms, and to buy and sell them in the store.

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