Please fix lock picking on Xbox its impossible

I made an account just to beg you guys to make it easier for console players. I can’t even get past the training session.


yeah with a controller, even “very easy” lock are near impossible, it’s unbalanced.
must have been designed for mouse and keyboard


finding the lockpicks is hard enough but the mini game is pretty impossible! I have used 13 lockpicks and have only been able unlock one “very easy” lock. its making a number of quests very difficult.


Jeah i have the same impressions with the pad. I don´t know if it gets better when your skill improves but even beginner locks are a pain in the Ars…

Can confirm it’s still difficult with mouse and keyboard. Definitely easier than controller but still not easy. It’s the only problem I have with the game so far.

Can you yourself go and pick a lock right now if needed? No.

Could you with training? Yes.

It is the same for Henry, everything is difficult at the start… you just aren’t understanding the games mechanics at all.

It’s not that. Understand what the games doing perfectly but the ‘mini-game’ itself is just ill thought out. Leveling/perking the skill only makes the sweet spot easier to find, makes lock picks stronger, reduces noise and eventually you’re able to just straight up break easy locks but it doesn’t make the act of turning the analogue sticks at ridiculous and awkward angles any easier.

I don’t know why you are struggling so much with it.

Neither do I! Keep telling myself they can’t have made it that hard, I must be missing something

It is hard I’ll grant you that but not impossible. The quicker you do it the easier it is, i tried doing it as slowly as possible but the vibration is too much. Try practicing on very easy or easy lock, turning the left at a nice constant speed while keeping the right in the gold and You’ll be surprised how much easier it is. Im on console btw which is supposed to be harder lol. I havent found much difficulty after find the right knack to it. And ps if you can save becore hand so you can keep loading when all you locks break

Just wanted to say that given some time with the game I have actually grown to like the lockpicking. It’s challenging, but in keeping with the game.

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I find it really easy, just not difficult like everyone complains

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Actual lock picking training they’d not give you three picks, explain it to you, then forget about you if you broke all three haha.

They need to improve the tutorial/training part of it if they’re going to make it as difficult as it is. They also need to improve the ergonomics of it - I can pick a real life lock… I can’t pick a lock on the Xbox right now haha. It expects weird use of hands and dexterity from a player – this is still advertised as a game, not Medieval Drive Yourself Mad Simulator 2018… Though I’d have far less sympathy for players who bought THAT game and didn’t know what they were getting into.

Edit: Actually… truthfully on retrospective here… it takes like 5 minutes to learn how to pick locks with modern tools. They might forget about you if you managed to break three of them hahaha

Ok, so after a week of trying…it worked so far. When you level your skill and get a feeling about the lockpicks , you can open these damn lootboxes :rofl:. But so far only the easy ones…

What do you want with two thumbsticks and a few buttons? Find a lockpicking vr game and that still wouldnt be realistic enough. Plenty of people have said they have learnt to do it after practice and leveling their skill in it but what does that matter you can pick a lock irl so you should be able to come here and pick any lock from day 1. Your not who you are irl, your henry in medieval times with 0 knowledge in lockpicking and just because the miller gave you basic training you still need to go practice, this game wont hold your hand like the majority of games.
Just like when people complained combat was hard, they focused leveling combat and now its too easy for them xD.

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Nothing wrong here once you get the hang of it. Before the latest update I was able ti pick very hard locks, even though it said the lvl was to high.

At first it was so difficult I gave up and then finally decided I should practice and I loaded save after save and now I can pick very hard locks with mostly ease.

It seems like after the latest update I can’t pick very hard locks as well as before.

Try putting the gamepad flat on your lap and hold the thumbsticks between your thumb and index finger(like you are holding the picks). Night and day difference, much easyer to hold the sweetspot that way :slightly_smiling_face: hope this helps you as i also gave up on lockpicking, until i saw a forum post that said this that is. Now im able to make most of them first try :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve played some awful mini-games before but this one is hands down the most frustrating. Haven’t been able to pick a single lock. As a result, not able to progress in the storyline. Haven’t managed to get past 6 o’clock without snapping a pick even though the sweet spot is orange. Read some suggestions about going fast rather than slow and accurate - try that with thumb sticks!! Shame as I was really enjoying the game.