Please help! All armor and clothes grey and unequipable exceot the womans clothing


I hadnt played for a couple months this winter and around mid February when i started it up again i found that all my weapons and armor were completely unequipable and greyed out. after getting rid of all mods i got the weapons to work again but all my armor is completely unuseable making this amazing game totally unplayable. all armor id greyed out the way womans clothes usually are, except now the woomans clothes icons in my inventory are illuminated and equipable (which is just scary on Henry!!). Any help would be appreciated because im desperate to get back to playing this awesome game. P.S. already tried verifying game files, trying different saves, deleting mods,


Recommend a clean reinstall. Although you deleted the mods some games may be corrupted by the mods you had,


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Is there any way to keep my saves while doing that? or would that be corrupted too?


Your save files are corrupted also. In non-technical terms the mod leaves a footprint on certain files and even after the mod is removed that footprint remains. When the game is updated that fie with the old mod footprint is still there and can cause issues with a game. Better off doing the clean install and starting fresh.


so id have to strrt a new game basically?


Sadly yes. If you do not start a new game with a clean install you will keep having problems. On each of my playthroughs I discovered new things that I hadn’t before, at least you now know some things to avoids at start and are open to some new adventures.


I’d try double checking you have no mods (including those you manually inserted into the game directory, before the mod folder was a thing).

Then if that isn’t the issue, find a container, un-equip everything to it. Save the game, exit, load and re-equip from the container.

No guarantee that it will work, but it might. The issue comes from a redefinition of the gender value in clothing and soul archetype files among others, and anything based on older versions of these affected files will cause the confusion.