Please help<----- this isnt right!


ok so first and foremost let me say i played this game last year (feb 2018) and loved it but the fps were just so terrible for me and at that point i could barely play in 720p at 30-45 fps… Fast forward to this week and the game is now out for a year with multiple DLC so i thought “this game HAS to be optimized now!” … So now i have a new rig, i will drop the spec here before i post my fps and such.

I9-9900k @4.8 ghz watercooled
gtx 1070ti 8GB
m.2 SSD w/ one TB
32 GB ram ddr4

Now no matter what i do , no matter what resolution i use, my gameplay is always around 15-45 fps , currently im running it at 1920 x 1080 WINDOWED MODE - even though my monitor is 3480 x 2160 ; and yet i still have GARBAGE FPS . usually staying around the low 20s, i have my in game graphics settings all on low except for a few on high (textures, objects) i have all my distances at 25% and the worst part is GEforce experience recommends graphics settings on mostly all highs and options cranked up. My fps will generally start around 35-45 fps but will decrease over time or if i go into rattay , in which the business district drops me down to low teens at all times. My fps shoots up indoors, at daytime in the woods / outside of towns… This shouldnt be happening, i even made a cfg file and followed all the steps to make it work, i even tried tailoring it specifically to my machine (8 core cpu hyperthreaded, 8 gb vram, 32 gb ram) but nothing will consistently raise my fps.

All other games run at a consistent and smooth fps as long as im not gaming in UHD 4k (meaning as long as i dont hit the full 3480 x 2160 res in game i have a flawlessly smooth gameplay with any other game , and yes i know that the 1070 ti isnt a good 4k gaming card but i dont even get consistent / good frames in 1980 x 1020 in KCD and thats not right).

This is my cfg (activated using steam parameter +exec user.cfg in steam properties) :

r_vsync= 0

r_ssdo = 0

r_antialiasingmode = 0

r_texturesStreamPoolSize = 8000

e_shadowsPoolSize = 8000

r_sharpening = 0

e_shadowsmaxtexres = 1024

r_supersampling = 0

sys_budget_videomem = 8080

sys_main_CPU = 4

sys_physics_CPU = 6

sys_streaming_CPU = 8

r_texturestreamingmipbias -3

IF ANYONE could help me that either knows how to tweak this file better and/or has pc specifications that are the same as mine that would be awesome because so far the damn game thinks i only have <4gb of vram and i dont even know if this CFG is even working because it seemed to help the very first time i put it in for a few minutes but the performance quickly dropped, i get 125 fps in the menus / inventory, 40-100 fps looking at walls / skys / ground / but yet as soon as i start to move around the damn game gets choppy and low teens to 20’s fps, yet my rig should be able to handle all highs no problem. My gpu usage is typically 95%+ and my cpu seems to sit around 20% along with my memory… but yet all the gfx options that are governed mostly by cpu seem to have no problem working well all the while the gfx options that are dependant on the gfx card mostly have such trouble perfoming like lights, smoke, particles, NPCs cluttered together ETC…