Please help with shadow/light bug PC

Hi, hope you’re good.

I come to you with hope that you might help me find a fix for this trully inmersion breaking bug so that i can play and enjoy this absolutly amazing game.

In certain interiors and in night time cities i seem to be having some sort of issue with lighting or shadows or something else. As you will see in the screenshots the shadows and illumination seem to be abruptly cut leaving some really awfull looking scenes.

photos showcasing bug:

This happens with an r5 3600 + 2060s + 16gb.

I also tried some console commands regarding shadows and lighting without succes. This occours regardless of settings and with latest 446.14 nvidia drivers and the 1.9.6-404-504 version of KCD.

Is it an engine limitation? Is this supose to look like this?

Thanks for taking a peek.