Please work over lockpicking


Please Warhorse overwork the lockpicking mechanism for ps 4 (xbox). It is soooo frustrating and apparently much harder than on pc. i always liked games where you can steal stuff etc. but in kingodme come it is just sooooooo frustrating when you need like 1000 tries to get it done. Please patch that!!!
Otherwise, great game guys!


I agree, its like 10 times harder on controller then with mouse :frowning:


I also agree, the very easy and easy locks are on the ps4 accectable l, but the others are impossible…


i had no problem what so ever and i find it really cool the system and i like challenging games so idk


make no mistake, hard locks are impossible even on PC :smiley:


I completely agree. I played the Beta and it worked just fine. As for the rest of the game, it runs just great. Never crashed once in the 12 hours I’ve played. No stuttering or framerate drops. Stays at 30.0 FPS and never deviates. Very smooth. Just controller issues, mainly with lockpicking being impossible. Had a difficult time getting the controller to work for some reason, had to temporarily connect a wired 360 controller, then the wireless x1 controller started working. I have to skip the miller’s quest until this is fixed, and it’s kind of an important quest if you don’t want to be broke for most of the game.
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Agree lockpicking definitely needs some work its way too hard on console


Agree, this need to be tweaked. I can’t even open the very easy one. Please Warhorse.


i cant agree this game is about realism its meant to be hard locks arnt easy to pick they are hard it will get easier over time if your lock picking skill is increases i mean seriously look at skyrim and fallout picking lock in those games are faster than having the keys for the lock totally not realistic


way too hard on console, very easy lock should not be impossible
It’s apparent that it have been designed for mouse and keyboard and not well tested with a controller


You’ve mentioned Skyrim at least 3 times I know of. Please stop doing that. Nobody is asking about “Skyrim lockpicking”, they just want mouse DPI to stop interfering with controller input. There are other conflicts as well that weren’t present in the beta. The devs have also acknowledged this and are fixing it.
Now go play Call of Duty.


Speed and accuracy! Honestly very easy on the Xbox. With lvl 2 lockpicking I can open and easy lock with ease. You people just aren’t use to such a curve, and aren’t willing to understand it.


u could have said go play skyrim but idk why did you bring call of duty into this :zipper_mouth_face: it ok man i know your having a hard time on lock picking


This is on the Xbox one, at the end of the video I’m up to lockpicking lvl 5. As you can see it’s not difficult.

Lockpicking Xbox One S

Probably the easiest system in any RPG that I’ve tried, easier than Skyrim.


it not easy at 1rst but once you know what your doing it is




I’m at level 8 and so far have never been successful at picking ANY locks. Almost getting to the point of quitting the game because of it :cry: