Poison/Bane Potions do not work


Poisoning the wine does not work, poison of choice does not leave inventory.

Also, Bandit camps never become poisoned despite multiple instances of putting both bane and poison potions into stew.


They do work, bandits don’t die instantly when you put it in


Some should just lose part of their health. Once you battle them, you should see, however, I didn’t test it myself. I do not like woman’s weapons.


‘A woman’s weapon’ or ‘women’s weapons’ mate.


I think I wrote it correctly, despite stating only one example, poison. That’s not so important anyway. I just didn’t try that feature cause I prefer stealth or fight.


Say it out loud


Second play through and trying to approach Bandit/Cuman camp missions differently, so poison…

I’ve put in regular “poison” in wine and cooking pots and returned to their camp in a few hours and see that they seem to have gone to sleep. This is similar behaviour to when you put an arrow into a bandit and run away from his camp, returning later to find the wounded bandit in bed. They make easy stealth kills.

I put the “Bane Potion” in two cooking pots (it was a large bandit camp) and sat back to watch two bandit sentries eat a bowl from their own pot, then within a few minutes they flop around dead. Bane seems to work well! I stealthy approached and looted their ears. However, several hours later the rest of the camp is alive and well, unaffected by the poison and the dead bandits are gone. I even heard the bandits wake up and complain they were hungry, but don’t think they ate!?!

I could come up with a scenario where the other bandits saw the dead bodies and figured they were poisoned, maybe even buried them (why the bodies disappeared) but think I’m reading into the game too much.

Anyone else experience something like this? Can a Bane-poisoned pot only kill one bandit?


At minimum two bandits!

Regular poison reduces livepoints (only) -50. Every “wounded” NPC goes to bed to regenerate their livepoints. Same system like if Henry goes into the bed. :slight_smile: