Poisoning stew not working?


I use a bailiffs mace but yea, it’s not much better then the ceremonial. A little time spent with Cpt Bernard and when I went to do the bandit raids for him I was 1 shotting the minions and maybe 2 shots to kill the leader…it was easy mode from there on out. Had to take my armor game down a bit because it got too easy.

Sticking to axes, bows and stealth this play through as much as I can


One time I dropped some sleeping potion into the pot of those famous executioners from Kuttenberg . Boy, the executioner even ate two bowls of the poisoned stuff without any effect. Greedy bastard.


Hmm, I even poisoned a rotten fish (0 health) with bane and gave it to a dog without effect. I tried my best to be a beast, but it seems that this poisoning thing is only simulated in the Pribyslavitz quest.
A damn shame for sure.


Damn anorexics.


Yes, it looks like its very unpredictable. Sometimes works, sometimes not.
I used to use bane, which usually kills 1-2 people from a camp. It looks like the NPC eat from pot very ocassionally.
Sometimes only 1, the other 3-4 are passing the meal.

Even if the Cumans says in Hungarian the “I’m gonna get drunk, what else should I do”. No-one ever drinked from my poisoned wine yet…

So my conclusion is that you could poison 1 or 2 from them and have to kill the rest in regular way. Also prepare for a long time wait if you would like to use poison.

The only one which do wonders for me, is dollmaking poison on weapons. Slows down the enemy immediatelly, and prevents them from running away.