Poisoning stew not working?


So I found a bandit camp near Skalitz, so thought I just try something differant. So I waited to night, sneak in, put bane potion in there cooking pot, sneak back out, sleep until morning. Then I get back to and see still all 3 bandits from distance, so I sneak back away and wait a few more hours, come back all 3 still walking arround. So I wait to evening then sleep to morning. And all 3 bandits still walking arround, so I go to the camp to see if something has happend, but they are all 3 still on 100% health…


you must wait until they eat it… if they speel and woke up without breakfast… they will be okey


Well, yeah. But I have been waiting for 2days…


Smthg similar happened to me most probably in the same camp. If you sneak behind one of the tents there is a winebag in the grass and it states “poisen the wine” when you point at it. I went all the way to sassau to prepare poison. Brought it back, tried to apply using “E”. The invetory got opened I saw the bottle of poison used the “E” again but nothing happened. ):


Same scenario happened to me. I poisoned their cooking pot with a bane potion and slept/waited for over a day. They all still seemed to be alive so I just gave up and killed them the ol’ fashioned way.

I wish this would work quicker/be more effective, but apparently they WILL eventually eat it, right?


same…i poisoned the pot in the Skalitz refugee camp and waiting for every…never saw anyone eat for the whole day so I just kept doing whatever it was I was doing. Playing more of an assassin this time around, definitely gonna poison literally every pot in town here eventually


Dang you’re evil! What did the Skalitz refugees do to piss you off haha :sweat_smile:


nothin…just wanted to watch a bunch of people get sick/die all at the same time…it didnt work though. This time around I’m gonna try to make a bunch of that doll potion or use Bane potion instead of regular poison…havn’t decided yet.


Hopefully the Bane potion works for you. Like I said above I dropped some in a pot and it didn’t seem to have any effect.

Who knows, maybe bandits are unaffected by Bane, whereas Skalitz refugees may be more susceptible


I never got that camp to work. But then went back to main story just to test, and the 2 bandits that are looking for Ginger. I found there camp att night, sneak in and put poison in there food. Then in the morning I came to see, and they was gone. So I waited to arround mid day, the next time NPC normaly ealy. Then 1 came back and he died after eating from the pot. Then came up objective completed. So what happend to the 1st bandit I dont know… Maybe he had breakfest then died in the forest somewhere… But atleast then it worked.

So not sure if it was just a problem with that first camp or what


Not convinced it works. Not in lead up to battle with Runt and otherwise


When the bandit died from the poison, did he die die immediately after eating, or did it take some time?


Pretty much immediately, not long time atleast


Good to know, thanks


1st playthough I poisoned 1 pot and burned 1, maybe 2 arrows, but when I talked to Sir Radzig it said mission failed but I had already told him I sabotaged them so I dont know what’s wrong…probably just a quest bug vs poisoning pots not actually working.

I will either poison a pot in a camp or I will buy a room and poison the food at that Inn and sleep, wake up for breakfast and just sit at the tables and watch. I wish you could poison the wash water so you could watch them all get in line, get poisoned and then die right in front of you


Did you hit all the pots? If you miss one arrow barrel or one pot, think you fail the objective

I didn’t do a non-poison pot play through. in my play through, killed everybody, poisoned all the pots, burned all the arrows. Per the number of enemy NPCs that showed up for battle, it didn’t seem like the camp was suffering from bane-poison combined food poisoning and a diminished number of arrows


yea see I couldnt hit them all before I ran out of speech options and had to run, the enemies would just see me even if I was in complete black and start walking towards me to confront me so idk. I’m on that mission now actually so unless I can do the master huntsman quest before raiding Pribyslavits then I will probably stop here for now, if I have to wait until Questions and Answers quest then I will have to raid Pribyslavitz…idk for sure though


Tried to go stealth but after second kill, it went south. They descended upon me. Luckily, I got in a position to reduce flanking. Grinded away with mace. Then when they let up, came out with Cuman bow. Perhaps by killing all, the pots and barrels reset along with NPCs


Mace is OP…especially if you wear light armor so you can pump out swings faster.


The mace jab (stab) is over the top powerful. 2 clean jabs with ceremonial mace to Runt’s chest… over