Poking the bees nest. Patch 1.62


XBox One: Patch 1.5

I noticed that 10 items were fixed for the original game and 18 were fixed for the DLC.
I don’t own the DLC.
Shouldn’t these two be kept separate from each other?
The original game should have an update feature that ONLY updates KC:D.
The DLC should have an update feature specifically for it.

Otherwise I am loading DLC data that my original game does not need and besides taking up space, I’m concerned that this data might cause problems for my original game.
And how am I to know that it won’t?



I’m not sure it is necessarily loading everything. The indirect evidence to this is that the amount of data downloaded with the patch is different for different people.


Yeah likewise yo can’t get all achievements if you don’t buy the DLC as there are locked achievements for Pribyslavitz :grimacing:


The silence here from anyone in WHS is deafening!


It might well be that they missed this thread. It is very hard to watch everything on this board. Maybe it worth trying to contact them directly at support@kingdomcomerpg.com?



Yes, patch contains files for both the original game and for the DLC. The reason are mostly technical. The files shouldn´t break the original game. We are doing everything to bring the best possible experience for all players and it doesn´t matter if you own you don´t own the DLC or any DLC for that matter.

I hope this answers your question :slight_smile:

Thank you for you support.

email: jan.rucker@warhorsestudios.cz


Thanks for the response.