Poll: Saving game - how, when, where, how often?

I don’t know if it was in those game, it’s been a looooooooooong time since I played them. :slight_smile:

And I’m not sure it would be a good idea with refilling the number of available saves after you rest. I guess it would depend on whether you can take a rest anywhere or how often you would run into a place where you can rest. It could force player to take a rest too often or if he could rest anywhere, it would totaly nullify the system.

Sadly this isn’t always true. I’m that type of palyer who wants to have every corner of the map clear of Fog of War, every door unlocked and everything copleted at best (or close to it) possible score. That means it is really hard for me to resist save/load and then I feel realy bad for it. It is quite an obsession I know… but the restricted nuber of saves (or even the gamification) really helps a lot.

Another alternative: I would do autosaves + very limited number of saves (i.e. 2 total saves) so that they are pretty valuable. If you have already used them up, and facing some mandatory diversity and gender sensitivity training workshop run by Cumans, too bad for you. The available saves would grow back to 2, maybe at rate one per week of game time.

Also, in the medium and high difficulty settings, a death followed by respawn from autosave should carry some serious penalty - with demerits on armor, charisma or money.

These are your personal decisions though.

If it makes you feel bad and you don’t want to do it its up to you to manage your own decisions and be responsible for your experiences.

I really don´t like the idea of loosing armor, charisma or money on death… its way too much MMO like and totally breaks immersion imo.

My take on saving system would probably be system of continuous autosaves in important moments(arriving to location, fight, plot twist etc.) + automatic save whenever you quit your game so you can freely continue where you stopped without issues + ability to save in defined spaces - churches, pubs, and campfires for example. This system would in my opinion boost immersion highly, as it would add tension to scouting dangerous areas, and force you to visit very important medieval places - pubs and churches…

OR! fun idea: let the game save whenever you drink a bottle/cup of beer/wine :smiley: I know it sounds silly, but in theory it might work:

  1. It forces you to pubs again, which is imo good thing.
  2. It forces you to search for alcohol in enviroment etc, it gives you something to look for when stealing, fighting, looting, even in those stages of game, when you have best weapon/gear etc…
  3. Limited amount of carried beers adds tension and restrict the ability to save every 2 minutes and before every lockpick moment etc.
  4. Beer costs money, so cash would be always important for you, unlike 99% of games, where in the end you have more money than you could ever spend… (rich guy in witcher has 1000gold, while I was running with 30k, while witchers are supposed to be kinda poor usually)
  5. It is REALISTIC GAMIFICATION, as you would be tipsy after every save, worsening some stats or charisma etc… But now, its not so annoying, and even very realistic and immersive!

Thoughts? :slight_smile:


Autosaves only is the way you keep player focused on what they are doing!
Vote for Autosave only everybody!
Kind of “the witcher 2 insane mode”

There is a reason why it’s called “insane” in The Witcher. Most people don’t want to play the game like that…


Well I kinda like this. We were talking about some saving potion, but beer and pubs is a good idea. Especially in a game from Czech team :smile:


I also like the idea, that sleeping would give you few quicksaves.


Yeah, I thought it would be fitting the theme. And we are famous for our beer, warhorse even have its own brand, so why not afterall… :slight_smile: I like it more and more when I think about it…

Yes, sleeping for saves sounds good in my opinion. So you are free to use your safe when ever you want, but the saves are more rare and not inflationary. Also: this gives more use to the sleeping feature. I like this idea. :slight_smile:
And I am one of the “Anywhere + Autosaves” voters…

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Nice in a theory, but in reality you just have to limit the players to build some kind of tension you want. You could also give everyone unlimited credits and stacks of invincibility potions and say players just don’t have to use it, but even for a disciplined player it would completely remove the pressure with these solutions to any problem being one click away. Same with unlimited saves.

I was thinking about buying extra saves, for non-trivial money (say, 30 groshen) but free rounds of beer for every guy in the pub accomplishes exactly the same and it is more fun. Paying for everyone can give you charisma boost but impairs the horse riding and blurs the vision the morning after…

No because unlimited saves would be apart of a lower difficulty setting. For those who chose the hardcore path the option would be eliminated, you would have to start a new game and change your difficulty settings.

@Hellboy What about the save system in Red Dead Redemption? They had a save anywhere option but it was limited. you have to setup a campsite (couldn’t be too close to road, bandit spawns, towns) It gives the ability to save when you need to, without creating situations of abuse like saving before approaching an enemy camp (skyrim) and loading if you fail.


And what about the idea of limited amount of saves? :cry:


Nice one !!! :grin:
I really like the idea of solving Problems a bit diffrent…

The game will get an ESRB Rating “Strong use of Alcohol”… for sure :wink:

I agree with you.
I was just making point that if Warhorse wants the game look some specific way they should go with that.

Also, beer drinking sounds fun.


IT is a singleplayer game… let the players do as they want to.

Not only am I vehemently in favour of option 1, but I’ll be seriously pissed off if we don’t get a ‘save anywhere’ system. I can see the argument for limited saves in a survival horror game (where it’s part of the survival mechanic) or a game based on short missions (where each mission is designed to be completed as a whole), but this is an open-world RPG, for crying out loud. How would an autosave system even work? What, you play for 2 hours but don’t make any important quest decisions, then the game crashes so you lose all your progress?

Just let people save wherever they want. And don’t penalise them for doing it either, with XP penalties and the like. I have a very slow, cautious playstyle that tends to involve a lot of reloading - for instance, if I take heavy damage in a fight, I’ll usually reload and try to do better - and why the hell shouldn’t I? It’s a single-player game. Why should I care if someone else thinks it destroys the tension? Personally there’s nothing I find duller and more frustrating than having to replay the same damn sequence over and over because the game won’t let me save where I want.

That said, I have no problem with a ‘limited saves’ mode for people who want it, but it shouldn’t be tied to the general difficulty level. Choosing unlimited saves doesn’t mean people want easier gameplay; it means they don’t want to be restricted in where they save. The best system, IMO, is the one used in Pillars of Eternity - it has separate modes for limited saves and permadeath, both of which can be set independently from the difficulty level. Everyone can play as they like and is happy. Problem solved.


Why not some sort of Save Point? at town centers, or strategically placed far enough away from (lockpick etc) but not too far to be annoying on the replay, like final fantasy 7, 8, 9 vibes?