Poll: Voiceovers, accents and archaic language


So is accent and dialect synonym in the english speaking world?
Because in german dialect describes a variation within one language whereas accent describes the influence of a different language.


Dialect and accent are bit different ting, at least in czech, but I think this is common for other languages too.

Dialect is deviation from a language used by a group of people in specific geographical area
Accent is a way how you pronounce some words which is caused by influence of dialect or foreign language

So if you speak in some dialect you have an accent


I live in Hawaii, where 60% of the population is Asian: Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, and Korean, these are the larger ethnic groups. All of these languages and their variations are spoken here, even though English is the primary language. Most of the street names and geographical features are named in the Hawaiian language, which is making a resurgence in schools after being banned for almost a century.
The local dialect contains elements of Hawaiian, Japanese, and Chinese and would contain Filipino words in certain neighborhoods. The local dialect wasn’t allowed in my home while I was growing up, since “only the servants spoke that way.” Most Americans I’ve met believe I speak with an American, East Coast accent, even though I grew up in Hawaii. My American ancestor traveled to Hawaii from the state of Virginia in 1817 so I suppose my family preserved that accent and dialect. When I was in the US Army, I had no problem fitting in among Southerners.

There are interesting things about having a dialect developed by immigrant laborers: The term often used for bathroom is Japanese but it comes from over 100 years ago, so if a modern Japanese hears it they laugh, as it is an archaic term for outhouse, which nobody uses any more.

George Bernard Shaw wrote a play called “Pygmalion” where the main character was able to determine where a person was raised by listening to him speak a sentence, down to the specific borough in London:
DOOLITTLE. Morning, Governor. [He sits down magisterially] I come about a very serious matter, Governor.
HIGGINS [to Pickering] Brought up in Hounslow. Mother Welsh, I should think.


Two worlds 1 had great english voice acting


personaly modern English is fine by me as that is probably the most understood by the most people. I do however have two thing I feel need taking int account firstly as the game is set in Czekia the voice actors should be Czeck enlish speekers for immersiveness, also pop or too modern idioisms should be avoided


Czech speaking English? Does it sound different from Polish speaking English, Slovak speaking English, another Slav speaking English? Or just Englishman speaking his accent? Why this even needs to be talked? We understand it, that is the most important.


Athough I would agree that the most important thing is that the game is understandable for everyone in what ever language option game they have bought. I just feel that the voice actors should be choosen from a pool of Czeckk actors that speek the required languegage if for no other reason than to be consistant with the game setting. This is important to me but not a game breaker, too you it would seam not be important and it is your right to think that way.


Daniel Vávra said it was hard to find actors manly enough to participate on their game, so that is probably why we only have English voice overs and can be happy there are these. Moreover I would not complicate it with historical English and Czech accents. It would make game more distinctive but if there are no sources of good actors… I even expected this game to be in Czech first but see the reality.


Oh I agree, if thhe voice actors are not available then we have to go with what we have. I just thought it would add extra authenticity if the voice overs had at least Czck accents, so like I said if that is not possiblde so be it. Any one remember some of those horrible translations and accents in the witcher !.


dammit, I chosed international English but I was not sure about this answer. Actually, I want Czck language with subs, if there is no located voice over for German locations