Poll: Which MC face would you prefer the game launch with?


If it had to be one of these two in terms of appearance only, keep in mind. I did a poll similar to this months ago, but this one is being done because someone wanted this specific question asked, comparing the old with the new. I only made this on request, I know the face won’t change.

This is about the face, so ignore the hair.


Old Henry:

New Henry (from latest update video)

Poll: http://www.strawpoll.me/12780636/r

I’ll call the result in 24 hours, starting from the creation of this post.


That’s the best old Henry and worst new Henry you could find? :smiley:

What a mess. Even though we see only half the face of the old Henry (plus, isn’t that a concept art or something? It doesn’t seem like a prtscn from the game) and a blurry face of the new one I do prefer the new one.


https://youtu.be/lu-4pYYF7N8 - First few seconds. It was rendered in game.

You said you wanted the latest version of the new face, I had to pull it from the update, and there was no non-blurry shot of his face head on.

Other angle of old face:

(p.s, might want to cut back on the salt, you had the option to make this poll yourself and asked me to do it=/)


I liked 0.5 Henry, but the fact is that the animation was lacking. They need to use a real captured model, not a static artificially created one, in order to lip sync and animate in the cut scenes.

That’s what Henry looks like now. Deal with it.


This is simply about appearance, not animation.


Today, and for the rest of the game’s existence, or until someone takes the time to mod in the original.


Was one poll not enough? Do you honestly believe they will completely change model of their main hero this far in the development?


No, KarlosCV wants to know which people would theoretically prefer the game launches with, based on appearance, that’s all it’s about.


I’m going to abstain from the vote… Purely out of some sort of respect for the actor. The face is a lock. So there’s not much point flogging a dead horse. But I will share my opinions

Old Henry looks like a badass. He’s got a much more rough and IMO suitable overall look for what I envisage the son of a blacksmith from medieval Bohemia to look like. It’s partly the overall shape and structure of the face (in terms of the square strong features) in combination with the hair and facial hair as well, which for me fit the mold. It’s a rather unassuming look though for a main character. And he definitely looks older than perhaps what was intended. Which is possibly part of the reason is wasn’t kept.

It’s important to remember that KCD has increased (and changed ) both scope and scale over the development life-cycle, and the protagonist has gone through a multitude of refinement / polishing iterations. Perhaps these in combination with other factors contributed to the change in direction for Henry’s look?

New Henry looks significantly younger in general appearance, and doesn’t really strike me as a typical medieval peasant anymore. Granted that a skilled blacksmith and his family would’ve lived rather well compared to others for the period. Regardless of that, New Henry to me has the general look and air of a young noble (or at least an aspiring noble)… perhaps that’s what they’re going for?

I think this obviously has a lot to do with the cleanliness and smoothness of the face, the haircut and style, as well as the armour and clothing that New Henry is wearing. Put him in some dirty rags and Bob’s your uncle! …seriously though, the hair needs to change. And give the kid a scar or something *I dunno

Who knows :thinking:


Let’s just hope he ends up more “weathered” and ends looking more like this

And less like this


Like I keep saying, giving him a beard will save his otherwise innocent and doughy face.


Some scars would help him as well.


i vote for an edited new henry:

need to bring the glabella lower and darken the eyebrows

right now he has the face of an older men whose facial bones have resorpted a bit. henry’s only supposed to be around 20


Now that’s a Henry I can get behind, though I find his neck slightly too thick, but that might just be me and the angle of the picture.

And I concur with @SirWarriant; a scar or two would make him a little more interesting, Maybe he has a couple on his cheek from an accident while sparring with friends or guards (the Developer Beta makes him out to seem very friendly with the guards, so maybe they helped him learn to spar properly.) Or there could be a slight burn/discolouration around his neck from an accident near the forge.

TL;DR: His face is too clean without a beard or scars for being a blacksmith’s son.


Well, 24 hours are up.

( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ )


I personally apologize to you for saying you’re in a minority. As a newcomer I had no idea about the aesthetic taste of this hallowed forum.



Yes! That would be the best face for Henry! :slight_smile:


My Little Henry would be the best Henry.