Poor Performance


Only 3000pt? 3000 points are an enormity. That arrogance!
It’ not sarcasm. i’m able to do 33640 in graphic score.
And ur 7700k is only at 4800…i can go up to 5400-5500.
Than it’s not a beast.
But we are not here to play for those who have it bigger.
This is a beta, STOP. Fps are ok.


I don’t believe you. You talk big, but no scores to back it! And I am talking 24/7 OC for longevity. Not just highest OC to for benchmarks or bragging rights. I am only running with the automatic overclock settings from the motherboard software. But maybe I’ll actually get around to tweaking around with it on my next days off.I did take the time to delid the cpu so might as well see what numbers I can come up with. Running on air btw. Scythe Mugen 5 (push/pull)


Ok ur right.
Have a nice day and play more.


Psssssss, listen in silence without making noise…this is me in an old screen:

And I do not want to post actual screens with new setup …
Now…you go to play…and shutup.


Reeling in my line Ah, Titan X (Pascal), I thought you meant with a 1080 Ti. I found and compared the two.
5.3GHz@1.424v? What setup do you have for cooling? I haven’t looked into OC’ing mine yet, but at 4800MHz on full load (non AVX workloads) temps max at 67c. I’m sure I could probably drop the vcore. As I said this is with the auto OC feature on the mobo. What’s a safe stopping point on the vcore though? Are you running 5GHz+ 24/7? Thanks.


Daily is 4600mhz@1.136v.
Bench is 5300-5400mhz@ 1.424-1.452v.
I have another daily 5ghz@1.216v.
I have an ek predator 240 with wb ek supremacy evo full nickel.
at 4600mhz with t ambient 25° in full max temp is 51°.
5ghz is useless in daily…but is safe if u want it with this vcore.
Now i have a zotac 1080ti amp extreme, but titan x was faster!


I thought this is a helping thread for people with poor performance.
We can open a new thread with an dick’o’meter for the special people…?! :wink:
Sorry, but i will play with u in these special thread than… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s all about form factor XD


So… How badly optimized is this game?
Lagging and crashing to desktop on my computer when I try to play on high setting.
Perhaps I’m a little too optimistic since it’s a beta. But still.
My computer:
Intel Core i7-7700K Kaby Lake CPU - 4,2 GHz, cooled with a Corsair Hydro H115i.
Kingston HyperX Pred DDR4-3000 DC - 32GB
And a MSI GeForce GTX 1080 Ti GAMING X - 11GB.
I figured high setting would be easily playable…. How wrong I was.

Kind Regards:

DxDiag 170706.txt (77.2 KB)


Its a terribly outdated alpha…sooo…