[possible bug] Intimidation at 20, but failing EVERY intimidation check with npcs

Currently in 1.3.3 and I’m FAILING all intimidation checks. My current character has maxed out his strength/intimidation (20) and yet im failing EVERY attempt with NPCs of just 5-15 intimidation.

Yeah same here. Extremely irritating.

It happened with 1.25 as well. Speech would do the same thing. I had 12 speech when trying to pass a speechcheck where the npc had 9 and I failed. Had to reload a save and take a bard potion.

I took an artemesia potion to boost my strength and i still fail the checks @.@

Maybe you dont look strong enough. Yu are wearing plate armor?

NPCs in the game treat me like a knight, so yeah… im pretty sure my armor is decked out…

It’s a bug, this happened with my nobility, I had it close to 20 but failed every time so I had to use my indimitation every time, all the stats are majorly bugged and half of them don’t show up sometimes.

if thats the case, then anything at the 20 stat mark is glitched?

Have to avoid maxing stuff out till fix becomes available.

I don’t think so my indimidation is 20 also and it always works

I think there are other factors, because sometimes intimidation works, sometimes not.
Maybe is not only a math topic (or the way you dress) but i don’t understand why this happen… (maybe there is a random value of success / failure ? )

From my understanding, there is more to succeeding in a Speech/Intimidation check than the numbers. What you say matters as well.

Now to me, this don’t make a whole lot of sense because those numbers should reflect my odds of success or else what good are they? And some options seem to fail no matter what leaving you to wonder why the option was there to begin with… not to mention the times where you succeed, but it doesn’t feel like you succeeded.

Anyway, the point is, this may not be a bug at all, but an intentional game design.

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Exact my words… :slight_smile:

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Well here’s the kicker:

In the family values main questline, i couldn’t get the Freud trophy trophy/achievement… In order to get the Freud trophy or achievement, you must be successful in all 4 speech-persuasion with Erik to learn about his past.

I passed ALL checks except intimidation, which is ironically, the stat im highest at. @.@

My speech and charm are around 17 & 19 respectively, and those passed against a fairly close gap between me and erik. My intimidation had a considerable stat gap with his, and that failed despite me taking a rage potion and having the golem perk…

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It´s happening to me too :frowning: there´s always something wrong with the game

the whole game is wrong/broken. just wait for the next patch and the new bugs it’ll introduce :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

patch 1.8.2 i cant pass a single intimidation check
i tried to look like a knight (stat 20) fail
i tried to look like bandit (stat 15-18) with various outfit and still fail
i tried to look like a paesant and obviously fail

i dont understand the meaning of this, why put a choice dialog if you always fail?
im trying to do a renegade run but i cant scare anything, even npc with low intimidation stat beat me every time

charm and speech option work wonderfully, please fix this
sorry for poor english