Possible Crossbow Mod?

Hey guys, i wonder why there are no crossbows in Bohemia in 1403, and i wonder if it is historicly true, anyways i love this game i have much playtime in it and still im wondering why this dont got added by the devs, i mean bows are good and bows are Strong and i know that a good bow can penetrate plate armor, but for a crossbow this is much more easier to do, and in 1403 there were crossbows in europe, so my main question is, is it possible to make a crossbow submod for the game, does the devs accept this? Can i or a other Person Make it? Does we have the modding ressources for a new weapon or dont we have this?

They ran out of time I’m pretty sure so they didnt end up making crossbows.
They don’t seem to mind modding, so if someone can, I don’t see why it wouldn’t be allowed.
As for modding resources, can’t help you there sorry, not savvy enough to look.