Possible future project?

Kingdom Come is my 2nd favorite game ever( 1st being Mass Effect series) The game is beautifully made, the story is top shelf. Saying it’s amazing just doesnt seem to do it enough justice. The developers clearly know what they’re doing and I wish them continued success.
That being said, what if they contribute this to another era of history, Rome. The founding of the Republic or maybe the transition to the rise of Julius caesar. It’s an amazing time but I know I’m just one voice and I know that time period has been “covered” but I truly believe warhorse would create a truly unique prospective of their own

I think the Medieval Era isn’t even barely touched yet. The idea of a RPG in the antiquity era sounds interesting - but i can imagine it would play differently. For now i hope for an KCD2. Either they continue the story of Henry or a new yet similar setting. That’s what i think