Potential fix for 1 v.s. many combat

I had the idea when I noticed that the green block-indicator appeared as a cuman poked henry in his steel covered buttocks. Of course, blocking while the attack came in did nothing.

This gave me an idea.
What if henry could parry attacks coming from 360 degrees? There would still be the disadvantage of not knowing the attack angle(making the parry window shorter). It would have to be set up so that only perfect blocks work.
This leads into the first question; Is anyone aware of a line or number in the .xml files that can change “block angle”

Henry is also to slow to avoid getting surrounded by4+ enemies who are at full liberty to sprint without getting tackled because of their buddies. perhaps a dash-type maneuver that can allow Henry to simply move around quickly without the guarantee of being tackled.

I still don’t get it. You say, a fix. But is there a problem to fix? I can deal with 2 opponents easily, with 3 with some sweat. And dealing with 4 is not even realistic, so it’s a runaway.

Yes it is, badly designed lock on system. You should fight your opponents not controls.

But that’s what I’m saying: I’ve never had to fight my controls! When I need to unlock, I press the mid mouse button and that’s it. I can hold it if I want to avoid locking again.