Potential Retinue

Firstly, let me start off with the fact that I really do enjoy most of the combat system in KCD. I, of course, have some gripes, but that is probably best reserved for another occasion. My biggest downside has to be group combat in its current state. Constantly encountering bandits and Cumans with multiple people vs me just ends with a boring fight. Because I know that I stand little chance on foot (considering I would just get surrounded and passed around) I normally mount up and do circles around them to thin the herd. This gets old real fast and it happens for every encounter. Instead of having fun one-on-one duels where I get to effectively use my combos, I am instead stuck flailing my sword from a horse otherwise I surely perish. I would like to propose that a system is implemented similar to, and I know I’ll probably have hounds set on me for this, Skyrim. It sounds incredibly entertaining for me to have maybe one or two followers whose gear I can give and even give mounts to. Having a small retinue of fully decked out knights or even simple men-at-arms just seems far more engaging for combat. I’d like to hear other ideas that you guys have.


Gee, I don’t have that problem. I Always fight on foot and my last fight had 9 bandits permanently regret it.
I worked up the best armor, used the best mace, used poison on melee weapons, a heavy shield, kettle helm for ease of view and powerful bow with best piercing arrows. I also worked up the perks need to improve damage, health and stamina. also scout to decide when I fight.

Now granted I am on PC and use a few mods, like the one that gave me 9 bandits, keeps the gold dot, Capons bow ( @110 a real war bow) and faster arrows and modded bane poison ( VERY effective compared to vanilla)

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I don’t use any mods and use very good armour that also looks good (maybe 1 or 2 points lower than best). Perks I have most of as well, but all fights just feel kind of grindy.

If you know you’re going into a melee with multiple bandits, first juice up on a Buck’s Blood Potion, and a Lazarus Potion.
Save your stamina, attack, back off, attack, back off.

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To my mind, you already have a retinue of sorts in the peeps that agree to join you and provide services in the hamlet under your jurisdiction, Pribyslavitz. The problem with them is that you can’t travel or do anything with them beyond trade.

Beyond that, nice idea. It seems more combat companions than a more general retinue (which seems the point of band of bastards DLC). Warhorses were a Kickstarter target. It’d be nice to have mounted units on both Henry’s side and the enemy side

I hadn’t tried Lazarus potion prior to a fight, since I thought it only worked after the fact of being wounded.
I usually use BBP and Cockerel potion before a fight.

get the witcher potion and can use 3 potions

Having some problems with the mechanics of this forum directing messages to people in the thread.

XBox One: Patch 1.5 (still active)
Seems I remember picking up one “Witch” potion, from a herbalist?
But I thought it had more psychoactive properties and I remember no healing properties, so I haven’t used it.
Or maybe I got it from that witch on a broom that ran into a pigeon and crashed in the field South East of Talmburg?
Did you run across her yet? Wizard of Oz reference I imagine.

It’s been about a week since I played KC:D.
Have to check the witch potion properties again.

Can Henry learn to make the “Witch” potion?

Do you mean the witcher perk?

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Yes, he could learn it from the herb women or found it (the recipe) in the monastery.

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Witcher perk?
My alchemy is at 20 and I don’t remember any “perks” in alchemy.
I do have “Auto brew” .
How do you get the Witcher perk?

My bad , yes the witcher PERK. the perk that lets you take multiple potions.
What I get for threading at 0130 in the morning…

tho you can steal the dancing with the devil potion and recipe, from the herbalist………

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I have the multiple potion perk.

try the artemisa potion with the others.
weird vision but ups strength and warfare by 5 for 10 min.

I use the artemisia and the vitality potion (I can’t recall the name) for high level enemies and when I’m taking on a gang of enemies

Henry is a soldier of destiny. He is the chosen one^. He needs not potions and fancy armor. Just needs a quiver full of arrows and Jenda

^ - unquestionably true as he’s the only one in the whole province who can battle on a horse

I mean none of that is explicitly a retinue that follows you. What I specifically meant was a sort of follower system. There is a lot of potential regarding the combat in general considering all sorts of new armour and weaponry can be added as well as mounted combat. I would love to personally see spears or lances added as both mounted combat and unhorsing someone. Lots of possibilities.