Prepare yourselves: New Update; best gameplay experience! (Attention much?)


Haha a forum heading that grabs attention…
This post does intend to give some directions for how to optimise a users playstation towards ‘best case scenario’/‘best system base’ for enjoying Kingdom Come:Deliverance.
Sound principles are likely relevant for PC/XBox.

At the time of writing the latest PC patch is 1.6.2, the forums mostly refering to the PC patch number, and it being lead release platform, that is the number to look for.

Over the last month there has been a record amount of steam database activity and it suggests very strongly the polish Warhorse are putting in to the next release.
This high number of ‘test’ updates also alludes to vastly improved prerelease quality control-heres hoping “Hans’” highlights his highness’ hereditary!

KCD has been split as a product. With multiple DownLoadable Contents the game has a trickier time, going forwards, in terms of updating to make any given combination of packages working.
Support will be hard at work no doubt.
To help them, and us, have the best time with any new and any/all existing products we should set our machines in a common base and optimal play state.
This requires:
+Looking at the machine as a total platform
+Consideration of games working history and trends in issues

To these two points-
–format of playstation system [backup prior!]
–set up multiple ‘user accounts’ (logins) and use playline 1 over a range of different ‘users’ {instead of different playline saves that the game offers}

These two steps take out so many possible issue generators that we have a vastly better usage environment. It makes sense to prepare:prior preparation preventing pisspoor performance!

If we do a clean FULL GAME DOWNLOAD after a new patch, or update an existing download to latest build and then: backup & restore; that IMAGE onto a formatted drive, we have built the best base game system.
#These scenarios put KCD game files into an optimal state. Proven to be necessary for this game type and KCD is a great example to reveal any hiccups in streaming high amounts of data constantly in many situations.
Optimising a machine (eg drive formating) will return a Console to a faster state. The amount of change is user/household dependant, though for a game like KCD smooth running can be the night/day difference between harmony/hell.

The game is known to show save issues.
Reading around suggests the save file is a very large one and that ‘parts’ of it get changed on the fly… it has proven a hassle for the studio to support users ‘in the wild’ who seemingly exceeded a couple of hundred hours of playtime… (the norm for many)
If we create a ‘new user’ at a system level, and use Playline 1 for all our multiple playlines we create a best case scenario with regards to save files and possibly alleviate how fragmented they become (a huge boost to helping the game stream data: remove any/all chance of fragmentation= let the game load long/large libraries lazily)

Shorter game load times
Faster building of scenes
Better immersion from unbroken graphics
Stronger performance in bed (the heading should have added the word ‘sex’ to the forum title to really hold attention, yes?)
More reliable save games
AND ,really important this,
Easier time reporting and fixing issues with Warhorse support. (They have a better base platform to troubleshoot where issues may lie)

Formatting can be a pain in the arse if without a backup media (thumb drive/external hard drive?), and is made vastly less tiresome with fast/unlimited internet.
Creating a few extra user accounts on a newly formatted drive only takes a few minutes (can name and theme them later) and is healthy practise as the operating system then chops up a few small partitions to cater to users (future) needs…

The real things to be aware of are:
-any screen and sound settings you may have setup, and wish to use again (fly through screens using a camera phone to take snapshots of existing selections).
-getting the wifi access password again if it isnt easy to remember!
BACKING UP EVERYONES SAVE DATA. -consoles are awesome for how reliable they generally proved to be. We trust them with our save games. Backed up saves never hurts.

Anyhow,… Above are two ideas that might prove ideal for anyone wanting smooth and reliable. Obviously I cant promise on what is beyond my scope to deliver, but I do believe, with everything I am seeing, certainly all the steam database update/submissions by the studio, a reason to be excited and something awesome to look forward to enjoying…

That being said, I will continue to troubleshoot base game, no expansions.
Someones got to- it might as well be me. I’m on PC and have an optimal game experience- it makes for a great test platform to see what changes the game brings. I run no mods or software other than Windows/COUPLE of Utilities/Kingdom Come.
Issues with the base package should always be dealt with first, if only because they might exacerbate DLC woes…

With regards to this thread: many other posters can give vastly better Playstation assistance. Please respect this threads want for positivity. Individual/specific quest issues etc;not the place to discuss; Thanks in advance.


I have never seen so many submissions (by Warhorse) that dont release.
I am hoping this indicates quality control is now being delivered as promised.
For over a month this page has revealed an updated build ever few days.
This isnt purely for internal team and might indicate an offsite group is pretesting, etc
Whilst I would believe Warhorse could share builds with, say, Deep Silver easily enough and wouldnt likely use Steam as a way to push builds… it appears to be quite different usage pattern than previous months, and suggests much refinement to whatever they are intending to release.

Also this is the longest we have gone between updates, so could be really impressive.

Of course with tonnes of change vome potential for more issues/niggles temporarily included - although this many submissions suggests ’ better '.


1.7 and DLC2 both up (not public yet)
Movement at the station…



Sorry if i sound ignorant by asking this, but what is the station?


Probably an australian slang/vernacular thing…

Id like to think its a line lifted from some old banjo patterson prose, and it does feel very aussie.

In which case ‘station’ isnt a train line but a sheep farm house/property.

The post was just my way of acknowledging that two more listings have turned up on the steam repositories database. … and they sound like just what we want!

The final countdown… (?)


DLC is coming october 16
“This will be the one!”


Fix 400 unnamed bugs and create 200 more


Kinda the point of my post…
I put forward that Quality Control appears to have more steps/more effort in place and may deliver a tight package. Like a Ken doll!

The time period between releases ahould reduce the number of ‘rush job’ changes.

To be fair rush job changes WERE OUR REQUESTS.