Prequel to Kingdom Come

Some spoilers at the end!

In the beginning of the game we learn that martin has a very interesting past but doesn’t go into much detail about it. I think this would be a good story to flesh out for a possible to prequel once KC2 and its DLC’s are out. There is so much that can be discussed or shown:
Charles IV
How Martin became a renowned swordsmith and fighter
How he entered and became friends with Radzig

Overall I feel the game would be more open-world starting with Martin as a young swordsmith who has yet to reach any fame or fortune. After gradually building up respectability, he somehow is thrusted into some great calamity where he meets powerful people such as radzig and charles. In doing so, it would be possible to explore a massive city of Prague as well as Kuttenburg opening up a ton of new possibilties such as owning a business, a home, the university, etc. It would also be an oppurtunity to see larger scale battles between real armies rather than small forces of KC. By the end of the game, martin moves to skalitz with radzig and is entrusted with henry.

Overall I feel this prequel would focus on making a more open world game as well as upscaling the current game while still keeping in the same feel of the original game.

Any feedback or criticism is welcome!

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As long as Warhorse sticks to being THE game company solely focused on historical, first-person, non-fantasy games, there is a good chance they could do a prequel like you suggested. KCD by itself is already becoming a cult classic among people, myself included.