Price of all DLC is horryble!


I bought KDC at the start, for full price. Now I thinking I will play again with DLC. But what I see on Steam?!

Price of RoyalEdition, includes all game DLC is for price: 40 EURO
Game without DLC is for price: 30 EURO

…All game DLC are for price 35 EURO!!! What the hell? So players who support you at the start have the full price DLC against new players?

Is there some plan of all DLC pack for normal price - for players who has game withnout DLC?

Thank you

Shop > Kingdom come Deliverance
scroll down below Kindgom come: Deliverance Buy Royal edition
You should find something like Kindgom come: Deliverance Buy Collection
KINGDOM COME: DELIVERANCE - ROYAL DLC PACKAGE should be the one you are looking for

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Thank you,
KINGDOM COME: DELIVERANCE - ROYAL DLC PACKAGE on steam is much better price: 20 EURO.
But still, new buyers will pay for whole game and all game DLC only 29 EURO. (now on GOG), and I will pay only for DLC 20 EURO. :confused:

Christmas sale in a month or so :upside_down_face:

The only way to get the discount for me is selecting the bundle ($30 vs $39 of the royal edition an it forces me to get the OST which rises the price) as an owner of the Baron tier. buying the reminding DLC individually without discounts is $19 which while better, is full price and not as good deal as the $30 for the royal edition.

It’s pretty cool the latest DLC is included for backers, but it would be nice to have an option to upgrade for a more reasonable price given the current offer.

Being a backer has some perks, but when you are able to get all the content for $30 when you already paid for the game as a backer sucks a bit. I get it though, its almost 2 years from release and this is common practice to release a full DLC version. But having to pay more in total as a backer and early adopter leaves a bit of a sour taste.

Wait when the Royal Edition is on sale.