Problem in the mission with father godwing

Hello, well I will tell you my problem.

Recently I started playing the game and I arrived at the mission where I have to interrogate the pedre godwing, to have information on where the bandits attacked Neuhof are, the problem is that after meeting him at the bar he started the fight with the "guards "from that town, and during that same fight I drew the sword and killed one, then they left me unconscious and put me in jail, the problem I don’t know if it’s a big esd that now I can’t accept the mission again nor I have nowhere to go to continue it and this prevents me from continuing the story

Well thanks and I wait for answers

Reload before the jail

It is not a bug you missed the sermon the next morning that you have to do for father godwin. You don’t have to reload a save you can travel back to rattay and get into the top floor of the rathaus to read the black book that will tell you about the guy with the limp.