Problem with Hound and Rattay Tournament


I’m playing the PC version of the game and there’s a bug i’d like to report.

What Happens:

  1. During the Rattay tournament, the guards sometimes start attacking me. Before the tournament, i didn’t have a crime symbol. Afterwards, I had a crime symbol indicating i had to pay a fine.

  2. The guards around that area also told me once that i sic my dog on somebody. He saw me do it himself (I didn’t).

  3. Some guards started attacking me once claiming i killed someone and they saw it with their own eyes.

How To Avoid the Bug:

Send the dog to the mill and then paricipate in the tournament. Works without a hitch.

Please send this bug report to
That’s the direct connection to the WH team.

Thank you!!!

Just to clarify:
Does it matter, which command you give the dog before the tournament?


Thanks for your reply. I tried with wait, didn’t help. So I just sent him away and picked him back up a week later.

Amazing game by the way. :slight_smile:

I find “heel” is perfectly fine for him hanging around at the Rataje Tourney. “Stay” might be safer in theory, but I’ve never had a problem with him (and he is ‘Sic!’ and the pursuit trained).