Problem with saves

All my saves disappear from steam cloud. And my new saves are disappeared or removed by not-undestanble reason . How may I solve this problem?

Hi Geo,

Try the following:

enter your account name and password, validate the code if asked to and then browse the list of games that have been backed up on the Steam Cloud. Each game has its own folder with the respective save files, maybe you’ll be lucky.

Hope it helps

Edit: either it worked or not I suggest you create your own “backup” to avoid that kind of “surprise” in the future. Check that link;

use the “task scheduler” approach, enable “previous versions” on each folder you want and set the frequency to every 1 hour. Don’t worry about space usage, shadow copies will store only the difference between each file. Test it on a folder, wait for one hour and check that you have a previous version file you can recover then configure all the folders you want to “protect”