Problems with the plague quest


Problems with the plague quest.
Previously, it took place more than once without any problems, but now… Can’t brew the potion(before, it was always good). After completion of cooking, I have no message that the potion is prepared or the potion failed, and in the inventory I have displayed only “unknown potion”. Is it a bug or I suddenly forgot how to brew a potion that was always brewed without looking?


Seems its on your side. I just finished this quest a few days ago IRL and did not have a problem making the cure. I even made 2 due to a perk. Finished late at night ( in game time) , grab the empty sleep and save bed for some rest and headed out to finish the mission.


I’m stupid. The fact that I 2 times used mechs, and without a passive this is a critical error. I’ve never reached this quest does not bleed alchemy, as it always had, and now because of one challenge fast pass, not pumped alchemy(first time to the alchemical table only came in at the time of cooking quest potions) and this is the result, it turns out I have always made this error, but due to the passive potion worked.


P.S. sorry for my bad english


Google translate might help clarity.


I did the same thing, I thought I remembered the recipe only to waste the ingredients. Note to self, always read the recipe before cooking.


you can always hit the read button/key to re-read and b/return button/key go back to cooking.