Product Key - Physical collectors edition


I have a physical copy of the game and am just now installing it but it requests a CD Key. Where do I obtain this? I looked at my profile screen and all I have is a invoice number but no key or ‘add to steam’ button.

Thank you!


Send a PM to @DrFusselpulli
He is the master of disaster. :grinning:


I have a question to the serials too.
How long is a serial key from a regular version valid?
One year, three or is it valid forever?
I have a second key that has not been activated yet and so far i have not been able to find a buyer.


Hello @Twistinfool, I send you a PM.
@rataj, as far as I know, the key should be valid till it was activated. If you don´t activate it, it should be valid as long as Steam exists.


I’m having the same issue :frowning: