PS3 Controller is BROKE!

The PS3 control don’t work, there is no jump, sprint is [O] which is also bow, [[]] doesn’t work in minigames i.e. dice, you can’t Sort the inventory with left, it just reopens the menus, and if you try to back out of a shop and change your mind, square stops working so you can’t check out.

I was going to come here to say, there need to be a jump button, I had to restart 6 times because there’s no jump button, on the controler, this game needs to be used with a controller.

This HAS to be FIXED. It’s not optional I’m afraid.

Recommend making call horse hold [^] jump press [^] and sprint right stick press [R3]

I don’t want to have to go to steam and say,t his game needs the controller supported icon removed, and I don’t want to have to leave a bad review because in combat I have to press [SHIFT] with my pinky finger to run.

Warhorse, you need to sort this, this isn’t subjective, there needs to be a different sprint button,a jump button, and square needs to work in all instances.

Frankly the buttons should have been re-biddable to begin with.