Ps4 - any better?


I’m tempted to get the GOTY version on ps4 to replay the game with all the dlc as i haven’t got around to the lord capon or bob one never mind women’s lot which hasn’t even come out yet.

However i hear that the ps4 version is buggered and i suspect the graphics wouldn’t be as good as on my pc…

Do you think it’s be worth it? I am tempted to pay from the comfort of my sofa and the room the pc is in gets very bright as well which is irritating. We need to get some cheap blinds but never seen to get around to it with everything else.


As a very frustrated PS4 Pro player of Deliverance, I advise you not to go for the console version…
Which is a shame, since the game has so much potential. But the bugs are so many that last time I tried (almost 3 months ago) it was so bad and I haven’t heard that there have been big improvments…


Gsh frustrating. Thanks!


On my ps4 pro its very playable no complaints. A few bugs but nothing gamebraking. In about 2 weeks there wil be a big update.
Love the game.
Low tech is talking BS


Ah hmm. Hopefully I’ll get some more opinions. Maybe shine experience problems where others don’t?

My pc version has no issues until everyone started complaining and then it started being buggy but not hugely bad. Hehe.

U did look at a graphics comparison of pc vs ps4 Pro. I’ll have to think on it. Ps4 would just be so much more comfortable. I love my sofa, lol.


In my experience, Kingdom Come on PS4 or console in general is a game where you have to consider the perspective.

You could get mad at the fact that if you find every map marker in the game your map will become a literal hellscape that goes from running at a smooth 60 fps to an intolerable 4 FPS.

You could get mad at the fact that if you are a collector like me and want to collect as many items as possible you WILL definitely lose some of them to either chest bugs or general bugs…so much for Bianca’s ring.

ALSO, you could be disappointed in the poor graphics, poor lock on system for combat that was made for pc OR the fact that there is a likely possibility that console modding will be nonexistent, AKA not being able to obtain the Sinew bow, tusk longsword, Melee heater shields, new horses and or boarback shield all at once DESPITE PAYING FOR THEM.

I have a lot of qualms with Kingdom Come, especially with the fact that certain items are not obtainable despite paying for the From the Ashes DLC.

Even so, Kingdom Come is the ONLY game to scratch my itch for super realistic medieval historical story based games thus running a monopoly in my never ending support for the game.

In short, PS4 is way worse than console but I would buy it just to donate more if I could to Warhorse just so they can perfect this genre of video game.


I’ve been playing virtually everyday since release on my vanilla PS4 bought just for this game, and I’ve not seen a fraction of the issues reported by others.
Worst frustrations were some Saviour Schnapps saves lost, and a hand full of crashes requiring some replay.
Very much worth it all, as far as I’m concerned.


Sorry, but that’s the experience that I have. I do not have an ssd drive ( but a stock one) and I believe from what I’ve seen that that improves a lot the experience.
I switched from a ps slim to a pro and the first game I installed was kdc (as I was hoping that that would be improvments) but no. Loading times a litle faster, but that was all.
As I said, lots of potential, but the bugs for me are completely a game braking experience. Don’t believe me? search in youtube about textures popping in kdc. that’s what I have 1 hour after playing.
If this was in a AAA game, people would be just destroying the game…
Anyway, you asked for advice, I gave mine. And I wish I could say “go for it”. Still waiting for that day.


I guess everyone seems to have different experiences. Didn’t expect that in the ps4.

I’m still making my mind up. Obviously the graphical differences are different and I’m not sure how much that’ll bother me having played it on pc be already.

My pc game was also having armour glitches. Which was frustrating! I hope maybe it’s been fixed by now.

I absolutely love this game though. Might just be worth buying it on the ps4 for a rainy day when i want a comfort game.


Where is a GOTY edition?