PS4 Archery help needed!

I have no real life archery experience and I can’t seem to hit anything with a bow and arrow in this game! Probably couldn’t even hit the broad side of a barn! I play Skyrim and do quite well with a bow, but I am sure that’s because of the very helpful aiming system. I’ve browsed through the other posts and have had no luck finding a post that provides any useful archery tips for beginners on the PS4. Can someone provide some help, please?
Thanks ah had of time!

1- make sure you are using a bow whose strength requirements are not too far from Henry’s strength
2- the less you hold back the arrow, the better (lower stamina hurts your accuracy)
3- status effects like hunger and tiredness also have a negative effect on precision
4- take note of where your arrows go when you shoot. Correct for that (shooting too low? Aim higher… obvious :))
5- usually the arrow follows a path that’s a continuation of the arrow itself (draw a line from the back of the arrow to it’s front and beyond. Where this line intersects the center line of your screen is close to where the arrow will go. But don’t forget there’s “bullet drop” with increased range
6- practice at shooting ranges

Here’s a tip:
Take the bow that you have, go to the archery range in Rattay, grab a few arrows, then practice shooting at the range. When you pull back the bow, your natural reaction is to point the bow at your target and firing at the center of the bow reticle. Instead, don’t aim at the center of your bow, aim with the tip of the arrow and slightly off to the left. Also, don’t try controlling the sway of you now too much. Instead get a free for the rhythm of the sway, fire at the target, and adjust your aim slightly.

Another thing I didn’t mention. It gets easier with practice for 3 reasons:
1- you as a player get better
2- Henry gets better in archery as a whole
3- Henry gets stronger (You need a lot of strength to pull back that bow string) and the stronger you are the less sway you’ll have

You can also craft bowman potions which will help your aim this helped me out alot, I just use the hand as a reticle.

This is how I managed, and now I’m pretty good at the advanced bow tournament with a lot of bullseyes:

1)- aim before you draw (center the target on screen)
2)- Draw (and do not wait too long)
3)- Focus on the arrow landing spot / imaginary aim and focus on that (usually slightly above the knuckle of your visible hand)
4)- Let the bow sway just enough to have your knuckle aim hit the target and release
5)- slightly correct your starting position before next draw if it’s off target

Hope this helps :wink:

One thing that I have found helpful in certain situations like archery competition is to cheat a bit. I will put the bow away and the in-game reticle dot comes back. I will use that to center on the target and then start shooting after that. That is not much help while hunting but it does get you used to where the arrow is going to go considering how wonky the bow looks. I can actually hunt pretty well learning the system that way.

Great video! Hopefully, the tips he gives will help! Thanks for posting the link!

Also please remember that you are supposed to suck at archery.
Henry is a 17 yo lad with 0 experience.
It even says it in the skill description. You cannot handle a bow normal until lvl 5.


Press ~ for console. Use console command: wh_pl_showfirecursor 1 (so you can see where you are aiming)
Then play the ‘Chumps’ game at the Ledechko archery range untill your bow lvl 15 or over.
The game gives you a bonus to skill when you win the game.
You need a good bow, and some str / agi to equip it. Do fist fights in Rattay to gain str / agi. (Talk to Milan)

**After this you will destroy…

Treu. The bow is terrible. But we’ll the hole games suck. It’s the worst game ever. Bow suck, fighting suck, chest suck, pickpocketing suck, graphics suck.

Maybe you just suck.
If you don’t want to practice, play another game.
This one AIN’T FOR YOU.

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