Ps4 crashes


Game repeatedly crashes for no reason, graphics slow to dissplay buildings and scenary, combat still needs work doing to it as it slows up on strikes, this is played on a ps4 pro hdr 4k tv. Brand new, no other game crashes,


Might be a PS4 Pro Problem. Not optimized for the more “powerful” Hardware


i have the normal ps4 so far no crashes no bugs encountered and the textures pop ups are are like 1 sec sometime less so its not even immersion breaking played several hours now load screens during conversation is fast but sometimes takes longer than usual still i would say overhaul load-screen time is less than skyrim


i have seen many people with ps4 pro have more problems than the normal ps4 so is with the x box one x maybe cuz they have a higher graphics and resolution that they cant handle? so you have to change the setting to performance rather than graphics


My console is set to performance. and to add it clearly states on back of case ps4 pro enhanced, so would be nice if you would confirm that please, as im looking at my own case, and also if its digital a lot of these problems are solved in the 1.1 23gig complete game re-wright for digital not for hard case copy.


Also ive been playing full game since 1.15am 12th feb, as my local store put case out so i asked for game and got it over 24 hours before release, i did live stream till 7 am then took 1 hour break , live streamed till 1pm same day, fell asleep at 2pm 12th, loaded game up 1am 13th and game has cras 9 times so far not my console or tv.


in the 4.41 hours of tutorial game ran nice soon as tutorial ended problems all round, i have over 300 ps games and this one is by far the most brocken of them all. dont get me wrong game is good, but should have had more test done especial after tutorial ends, lets see if they have the tech to make a Medi eval total war game like kingdom come but where you can get up close and personal or if thats just out of there league???,


i have the ps4 pro
so far no crashes, i just leave talmburg on the first combat.
but i have long loading time, slow display and game breaking bugs


ive played 28 hours+ and did videos of game hanging and crashing, will see if this patch 1.03 fixed anything,