Ps4 crashes


Game repeatedly crashes for no reason, graphics slow to dissplay buildings and scenary, combat still needs work doing to it as it slows up on strikes, this is played on a ps4 pro hdr 4k tv. Brand new, no other game crashes,


Might be a PS4 Pro Problem. Not optimized for the more “powerful” Hardware


i have the normal ps4 so far no crashes no bugs encountered and the textures pop ups are are like 1 sec sometime less so its not even immersion breaking played several hours now load screens during conversation is fast but sometimes takes longer than usual still i would say overhaul load-screen time is less than skyrim


i have seen many people with ps4 pro have more problems than the normal ps4 so is with the x box one x maybe cuz they have a higher graphics and resolution that they cant handle? so you have to change the setting to performance rather than graphics


My console is set to performance. and to add it clearly states on back of case ps4 pro enhanced, so would be nice if you would confirm that please, as im looking at my own case, and also if its digital a lot of these problems are solved in the 1.1 23gig complete game re-wright for digital not for hard case copy.


Also ive been playing full game since 1.15am 12th feb, as my local store put case out so i asked for game and got it over 24 hours before release, i did live stream till 7 am then took 1 hour break , live streamed till 1pm same day, fell asleep at 2pm 12th, loaded game up 1am 13th and game has cras 9 times so far not my console or tv.


in the 4.41 hours of tutorial game ran nice soon as tutorial ended problems all round, i have over 300 ps games and this one is by far the most brocken of them all. dont get me wrong game is good, but should have had more test done especial after tutorial ends, lets see if they have the tech to make a Medi eval total war game like kingdom come but where you can get up close and personal or if thats just out of there league???,


i have the ps4 pro
so far no crashes, i just leave talmburg on the first combat.
but i have long loading time, slow display and game breaking bugs


ive played 28 hours+ and did videos of game hanging and crashing, will see if this patch 1.03 fixed anything,


I have a normal ps4 and have hadnt constant crashes since last night when i reached the attack on the bandit camp in the woods with sir Radzig and his men, first i would make it to the autosave checpoint just after the the cutscene to move the cart to get into the main camp then die and try to continue but it would fail to load the save game everytime so I had to keep starting the battle from the beggining. this continued for a while befor the crashes started but I eventually made it to runt in the church tower. fught him for hours over and over because i would either die or the game would crash and the first time i got to him it didnt even play the entire cutscene after they got up there when they were supposed to speak, it instead wnet to the load screen while the subtitles of the scene appeared with no audio. It would also keep spawning me in random orientations everytime i would load the autosave for the runt fight whetyher it was after a death or a crash. eventually killed him and got into the next scene which would randomly lose dialogue audio but keep all other sound and comeback throughout the scene. finished the cut scene then woke back in rattay in pirkstein then went on to the castle. witnessed a gaurds textures have a major fit that seemed to just continue for him alone as well as the normal poor pop in or fade in duration for everything else in the game, that at times is perfectly fine and then sometimes quite bad but not consistent with anything that I can tell. got into the hall of the castle started the cutscene then another crash. Has been my last one so far as I came here after that. But I have a normal ps4 not a pro and am having serious issues with this at the moment. I also have an issue with part of the UI being cut offscreen and no way to fix it. seems like a resolution issue that honestly shouldnt be there at all.


I must also add to this that upon waking uo in pirkstein it did not auto save which I feel it should have now because since it crashed with no save I have to fight Runt again.


Sorry you have so many problems, like ive said on other forums that its standered for gaming companys to throw a botched game together and let customers fix it for them, as its cheaper as you cost nothing to employ so why waste money when your free, gaming companys dont care its all about profit not quality of product,games cost £44 in uk for a failing apart game


Warhorse needs to remember thier reputation for delivering high quality games right now is - 20% at this rate no one will buy there products as its a waste of money, why buy a broken when you can buy a descent game, there loss in finance


Have reg PS4. I’ve had one fatal CE crash. Lost sound once. Rendering sometimes lags a sec or two. So far, they all seem related to save file issues (having too many corrupts the game). In FO4, you couldn’t trust quick saves… concerned a bit the milestone save in KCD might go same way


That was somthing I noticed yesterday, before work I killed runt again and got to pirkstein and continued the the castle hall. finished the cutscene no problem and did a few quests around Rattay, saved and went to work. Come back home load the game and hit continue only to realise that depsit having consumed my savior schnapp it did not save and i was forced to fight runt again. repeated the process again and managed to continue playing for a while then saved again, but before I closed the game to turn everything off I checked the save files through the load menu. it used the schnapp again and said it saved but there was no new file. I was sitting at 62 save files and decided to delete some of them and save again. not only did it actually save but i havent had problems since. So it seems having to many saves cause issuse for the game. possibly memory leaks or just simple data corruption but regardless the issues I was experiencing are all gone. aside from the UI not fitting my screen properly that I assume can only be fixed with a patch to the game, that Im honestly surprised we havent gotten yet but at least I can continue playing now.


i had 122 saves and no problem’s, and unstable game were quest/charactor/building/horse/rain/techture’s keep clashing is no good for your console, i hope you would understand that unstable software can brick your console for good, please be mindful of this,


I’m running the game on a PS4 Pro with a standard HD TV (not 4k), I have the Pro’s “Boost Mode” switched on and I have not had a single crash or performance issue. I’ve only clocked up about 7-8 hours so far though.


you need to play longer and you will see the problems, when i fast travel even the buildings on load up dont develope properly, if you have ever seen videos of people under the map in games in general thats what heppens 6 out of 10 times.


omg, 122 saves. my reg PS4 choked at about 20


lol yep 122, ill screen shot it,