PS4 Missing Textures

Greetings. I have just reinstalled KCD after deleting it several months ago. When I last played this game the textures where perfectly fine and looked great even if they took awhile to load in due to this being the Ps4 slim/base. However, now that I am replaying it, and apparently after a few patches had been released in the mean time, I notice that texture quality is very inconsistent and weapon textures never ever load fully and thus blades look like they are made from Papier-mâché with grey paint on them. They look like something you would see in a middle school play. Does anyone have an suggestions on how to resolve this, or this something that WarHorse has to fix? Thank you.

As of the recent patch, textures are still missing that “final” touch and the steel/iron part of weapons still look terrible. They still have this appearance of someone coating a wooden prop weapon in grey paint. I am on the base ps4 and the older patches (from last year) did not have this problem. I doubt the texture issue is on my end.