PS4 NPC A.I. bug (Bed check failure)


Platform: PS4

Update 1.10

Game version: 1.6.3

I went back to Miller Peshek’s mill to use the bed, the starting bed we get and also where his niece Theresa lives in. it was like at 3:00 pm in game when I went to sleep and because it was the middle of the afternoon I was only able to sleep until around 2:00 am in game, when I tried to go out of the house I notice that Miller Peshek was sleeping in the same bed Theresa was sleeping in…

Was a really offensive and upsetting sight, specially when in the game Miller is a criminal and Theresa is a homeless young woman with no other place to go.

Is this something the game devs intended to display and exploit?
This situation with a no-morals uncle and desperate niece implies incest, prostitution, quid pro quo, abuse and, harassment.

If this game intends to showcase Incest and sexual abuse I don’t want any part on it, and doubt that Xbox and PS4 would allow such a controversial theme.

I want to think that this is some kind of A.I. glitch, like NPCs failing to check if the bed is in use or not.

I honestly felt like puking after seeing that, I don’t even feel like playing the game anymore.

Please fix that!


I’ve never seen it. pretty sure its a glitch. pretty funny though


Never seen that uncle-niece sleeping arrangement in hundreds of hours in PS4


WTF. Its a glitch you little snowflake.


Are you aware of whats going on around the world? How can people be this easily offended. Man up ffs.


It’s not on purpose, of course. It’s a glitch. I had never seen it.


Like others said , a GLITCH, don’t assume and SJW it.


You’re the one assuming,are you part of the dev team? Are you the writer?
Don’t post pointless babbling on a bug report section little fanboy.


So for you man up is about enjoying and turning a blind eye to incest, abuse, and objectifying women?

Not everyone can enjoy disgusting and sick things like you seem to do.
Grow up teenager, if we start to take the worst of society as the norm then we’re doomed.

Only an ignorant or a person who can’t understand that the one doing the crime is as guilt as the person not doing anything about it would turn a blind eye to disgusting and sick crap and would take it as something normal and OK


There is nothing funny about it.

This is how it sounds:
“Oh look that uncle is taking advantage of his niece who just got her parents murdered, is so funny is making her have sex with him to let her stay at his place, ha ha ha ha ha… is so funny!”


It may have been introduced with the last update, and I would be happy if I had never seen it…


In every game is always a script for the NPCs to act and take actions I’m sure it got mixed up there.


Yesterday this Peshek tried to come into my bed when I just awoke.

I think its just a glitch. This NPC does not find ‘his’ bed sometimes. I don’t think
that the Storywriters at WH intended to have such a kind of behavior in their game.


I was playing the game for a while maybe it was some memory problem, a bug or glitch in the NPCs A.I. that could be replicated.
Maybe a random occurrence that needs review, not sure if is a problem with all NPCs or just with Miller Peshek tho.


OMG is worst than I tho!

This damn degenerate Miller Peshek is even trying to screw the main character ughh!
Glad to know that I’m not the only one getting that cringy bug…


It´s a bug.