PS4 performance


Hello everyone
I’m thinking about buying this game but I’m worried about performance issues.
I only have PS4 (no pro) and a laptop, and I remember hearing complains about how the game runs at launch.
So how does the game runs now on PS4? Is it flawless? Is it even playable?
Again, no pro version.
Thank you.


Well you also need to consider that the base ps4 version runs at 1600x900 resolution, not 1080. From my experience on the ps4 pro, the game runs ok. You will have framerate drops from time to time, especially when a lot happens at the same time on your screen also there is considerable pop-up and sometimes textures can load slowly. For me personally I am not bothered by it too much. However, considering that the pro already struggles to maintain 30 fps, I don’t expect the base ps4 to do better, even at a lower resolution. If your laptop can run it then I would probably go for the pc version, also because you can download optimization mods. Furthermore I remeber that I read somewhere that the pro and xbox one x version is similar to medium settings on the pc, so if your laptop can handle medium or higher than take the pc version. Nevertheless, I still enjoy the game and I love it.


PS4 runs quite well…
With the latest patch some graphics and animations improved.
There are still some bugs, but they are not so important and you can play the game very well.