PS4 Pro Performance as of December 2018


Forgive me for creating one more topic on this.
But search results didn´t bring up any actual postings for me.

So I already have KCD on PC and I really like it - since it is on sale for Playstation I´m thinking of supporting the Devs by getting the PS version as well.

I´m just not sure how good the performance will be as there were many posts about performance problems / texture pop ins / etc. …

Is anyone still playing or has just recently started playing on PS4 (Pro) and could share his / her experiences on how the game runs on PS4?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


I’m curious to know as well. I see that it’s on sale at GameStop. Is that where you saw it on sale?


I’ll give KCD a spin on vanilla PS4 tonight and let you know


It’s on sale on the PlayStation store.


Thank you!


It’s not on sale in the US PSN store. From what I have gathered from reading recent (December) reviews by gamers, the game still has a lot of issues on PS4 and consoles in general. I see a lot more complaints than compliments. Unfortunately I have read too many negative reviews regarding the performance so I’m going to hold off and see if they continue to release patches.


Just loaded an almost 700h save file. Raced from Pribyslavitz to Rattay on Jenda. Some popins. Not bad like before but noticeable if you have a keen eye. Going through Ledetchko and Rattay there was a little slow down but (well) within my tolerance limits. Didn’t have clothing texture delay when riding through town like I had about month ago.


KCD on console is just hard to work with, it’s bearable


Damn … I´m not sure … think I´ll sleep over it a few more times - the sale lasts till 19th in my region so there is plenty of time left :smiley:


If you want a different experience to the PC console is the way to go, not only does it remove the temptation to mod your game to oblivion but it also gives you an insight into some amazing bugs, like when I got launched in the air by a door!


Honestly have Ps4 and PC, PC is where the game is best played, end of. buy the new DLC or have some beers with your mates or something. Arma3 is 11.99 on steam just saying.


Thanks - think I’ll save my money then for something else and keep playing KDC on PC.