PS4 Pro Still Having Issues After Latest Patch

I have the game on pc, but my laptop’s hard drive is failing so I resorted to buying this game for my ps4 pro today. I’m really starting to regret this. I don’t know if others are still having issues with this game on console (and pc), but it is getting to the point that I don’t even want to attempt to play it anymore. The game’s cutscenes stutter to all hell. Loading takes forever just to get to the main menu (it’s almost instantaneous even with my failing laptop). First interaction you have with someone is your mom and her neck and shoulders are almost detached from her body (very annoying to see this late after the game’s release). At this far into development, the game shouldn’t be having these issues. I’m tempted to return my ps4 copy and maybe try the pc version again even though that version has a lot of issues still too. One of the biggest issues I’ve come across in both versions is that a person will pop into existence in front of me. This in itself isn’t that big of a deal for me, what is a big deal is that the character that just popped up in front of me looks like a commoner until i get within a distance that they can see me and then their clothes “update” and all of a sudden I’m staring at an enemy that’s charging at me with their weapon drawn. I was playing on the max settings for my laptop and this was still happening. can’t imagine what its like on ps4 if I can ever get past the almost detached head of Henry’s mother. Any one else still having issues a year after release?

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I posted about the mother and the neck detached issue awhile back. Normal ps4 version.

I feel your frustration. I had started a new hard-core mode and like you, this was this was the first thing I see, thought to myself Jesus this is what someone who buys and plays the game for the first time sees.

Just posting so you don’t think it’s just your version.

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Hopeful about the next patch and DLC

Thanks for the response letting me know it wasn’t just my ps4. I desperately want to play this game. It looks like so much fun. I returned the ps4 version for now and am back to playing on my laptop, but i just know that with my failing hard drive, I’ll be in the middle of a quest and haven’t saved for a while and my computer blue screens and I lose all my progress. From what little I’ve been able to play, it’s a fun game and I don’t mind supporting the dev team by buying the game on a more stable system (for me at least since this laptop has a foot and a half in the grave) as long as they continue to improve the game and listen to the community’s feedback.