PS4-Pro: You destroyed the game

… with the new update… - sorry but my game looks like shit now.

Popups everywhere… After i entered Rattay the game needs 30 Seconds to load all Textures arround you - its a nightmare.

A serious question to warhorse: Do you play the game after creating a new update? How is it possible that you dont see this in your dev-studios before you bring it out???

I love this game but this is not fair…


Play a while its getting better… Maybe it’s imagination.

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haha xD… maybe it looks better because the systems push all the textures in the RAM.

But thats not the deal…play a game that looks like shit in the first 30 Minutes and after that its good till next restart? no…thats not my beer … :grin:

I wish I didn’t update to 1.03 last night tbh.

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i know what you mean.

here is a tip: dont use your horse. if you walk slowly its a little bit better xD

Ok, now i’m worried. Waiting to play after work, i installed 1.03 this night too.

You could always delete it and just not install the patch. Will be some more bugs, but at least it will look better until (if) they can fix it.

surprise surprise


Meeeeeeeehhh… not good.

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Graphic is not everything… HAHAHA :smiley:

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Yeah, 1.03 is awful my henry is stuck in the T-pose in the character screen. Not to mention the textures. I don’t normally complain about graphics but it has gotten worse with this update


this game is just a hot mess,
bad performance , graphic glitch and slow loading, loading screen all the time, bugs including some game breaking one, totally broken crime system…
Seriously i cannot enjoy this game, i’d really like a refund

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i got lucky then, after 1.03 my graphics got little better.

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Yes i think i had the same problem. No real problem with textures to begin with, but now it’s taking a fair while for NPC’s and surrounding textures to load. It must be because of that patch. Hopefully they fix it because it’s quite frustrating…