PS4 (Slim) Slow loading textures


Okay so let me just say that I had this problem when I played it on my PC, so I thought it might be my PC that’s the issue. That is not the case, I bought the game AGAIN for my PS4 thinking I’d be able to play with no issues. NOPE. There goes 80$ (Again.)

I wanted to know, even after all of the patches this game has gotten since release, does anybody still have this issue on PS4? Or is my system just faulty or something?


Man, I bought this game because the reviews are so good. and the game is, in fact, really good, but the textures issue is just killing it for me… I even don’t mind that the graphics, right now , are not that good. every 30 minutes or so i have to restart my PS so that the textures start loading again… Just playing now hopping that meanwhile there’s a patch to fix this… but I’ll not buy any dlcs or any game from you guys if you don’t fix this soon. Sorry, but this is not admissible…