PS4 (standard) Performance

I recently purchased all the dlc for the game after playing happily for 100’s of hours, but now with the dlc installed the game suffers from severe pop in and textures are taking a very long time to load in sometimes not even loading at all.
there was some slight performance issues with the base game but this is on a whole other level, its so bad im hitting objects that haven’t finished loading in yet.
This situation is killing my enjoyment and I am beginning to regret my purchase of the dlc. if anyone knows a quick fix in the settings that could help please drop it here. likewise if any devs read this and are by chance working on a fix (or not) a statement either way would be much appreciated
thanks in advance

Im back 1 week later, still the same performance issues dogging my game and only this game.
Still no reply, not even mention of the issue being addressed in other posts.
Here’s a bit of free business advice for you guys: If you want that console $$$ its a good idea to make sure your software runs on consoles 1st.
Once bitten, twice shy, wont be buying future titles

Hi, I play on ps4 and I hv the same problem. Textures loading or eternal loading page at the last quest in game. Did u fix the problem or eliminate the dlcs?

This is probably a dumb suggestion, so I apologize if you’ve tried it (or if it doesn’t make sense).

Since it was working fine (I assume) before you downloaded the DLCs, can you make sure you have enough room in the harddrive in general? It’s not good to have it almost at capacity per the articles I’m reading online.

The reason I’m saying this is because apparently a lot of PS4 games need double the amount of space just for snapshot restores in case things crash. I can’t prove this, but from what I’m reading, it’s definitely worth trying. If you only have a few gigs free left on the PS4, try deleting a bunch of stuff if possible. If KCD was slow to begin with, I’d never suggest it, but considering you’re saying that it’s slow AFTER downloading the DLCs, I’d think it’s worth a try.