PS4 version needs fixed

I bought this for PS4 and all and all it is garbage. I can’t lockpick, and the combat system is garbage. Idk if it is lag or what but I can’t block or Perry the majority of the time that I hit the button and 80% of my attacks are blocked even when doing a combo. If you wanted a realistic fighting system, should make a VR game or do it mark or cry style. The load save system is broken though I have figured that out on my own. Basically this is the worst game I have ever played. There is no skill shit about it, it is broken.

I’ve been playing on PS4 since release, and have had an amazing experience.
How long have you been at it?
You have to learn skills and combat. Takes a lot of practice…

Long enough to master sword. And long enough to know I can’t get off one single combo without interruption nor block when I hit l 1. It has nothing to do with skill, There is no timing to it. I will hit dlock and I stand there and take hit after hit unless I just hold block constantly and never swing and then I get smacked by the unlockable attacks. I get in the ring with the trainer and either get rocked or so up to him and push him back over and over. I’ve tried everything to land a hit like hold attack above then move down and to the left really fast then two quick jabs for the combo. I’ve tried waiting for the hit to connect like the dude actually says at the beginning of the practice and that simply doesn’t work, and I’ve spammed it as fast as I can and while that will work and even with the mislead, it still won’t connect at least 80 percent of the time. There’s tons of people saying the same thing. The lockpick is screwed, the combat system is screwed, the save game system is screwed. The game should have never been sold on console.

I have no problems with combat and combos. After practicing a lot it’s easy. The only problems are the loading times in Slim PS4.

I’m looking at pages of people saying the same thing as me on steam and watching videos of it on YouTube. If you didn’t have the same problems congratulations.

It also depends on your opponent’s ability to connect combos easier.